A few of my non-lucid dreams for everyone

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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A few of my non-lucid dreams for everyone

Postby Intrepid » 28 Jun 2012 01:41

Dreams fascinate me. I have been keeping a dream journal of my most vivid and unusual dreams for a few months now. They are generally very strange, but I find them to be very interesting. Although I didn't make anything up, you may feel like you're reading a story with some of these because I do my best to convey what I felt with each experience. My dreams are always full of feeling and introspection, and this is one of the features that sparks my fascination. I sometimes write in first person if it helps me to recall, or if I feel it helps better capture the feeling . If you haven't yet, read HAGART's post "My longest dream ever"...its a lot like what I experience. Anyway, I'll kick it off with one from February. Please feel free to comment and question if you like. Enjoy! =)

The dream started off with me following an old but really close friend of mine and a few other people that I didn't know. I don't think it had been stated, but I understood that we were somewhere in or near Scotland/The UK. Everyone seemed filled with nervous energy and were talking with each other excitedly about something. We walked for what seemed like a long time through the country side out to a large peninsula that was surrounded by what appeared to be the same waters in which I was waiting out the storm and high seas/waves from a previous dream. It was about sitting in rough seas in a giant ship off of the coast of "Europe". The entire peninsula was occupied by a massive stone/rock formation that was covered with vines and trees with and on top stood an equally large circular stone ring supported by huge pillars. The whole thing looked very, very old, and the architecture reminded me of Ancient Greek-style temples. It was just a massive rock or mountain, really, that had what looked like a circular temple on top of it. I marveled at its size when as approached it. I mean, it was just huge. At the top, within the circular structure, the floor was made of really old (what seemed like) plywood. A few sections were missing and I could see where the floor was actually metal scaffolding with just the wood placed loosely on top and below was a giant set of stone spiral steps leading down and out of sight into darkness. I instantly became nervous knowing that the floor wasn't stable and laid down on my stomach out of fear of falling through, as everything appeared to be very old. It turned out that the stone steps led right up to beneath one of the wood sections of the floor, and my friend along with the group removed the sections of wood covering that spot and began to climb down the scaffolding onto the steps. In my mind's eye, I began to get flashing images of what was beneath me. A vision was flashing through my mind of an absolutely massive(and by massive, I mean that it dwarfed the huge rock and temple I stood on) underground temple or city(?) of antiquity. I spoke to my friend as he climbed down and asked him what all of this was and what was down below. "This is the Seat of The World". he said. "It's just been discovered and this is where the first of us came from and where it all began."(I'm paraphrasing here...it's a bit fuzzy as I wasn't lucid...it was super vivid, but not lucid)
As they climbed down, a few others that had apparently arrived before us were passing them climbing up and out. They were ecstatic and talking about how incredible it was and how it had changed them and their perspective on everything. Once the group I came with had disappeared, I suddenly realized that I had no idea how long it would take them to return. I had the urge to leave and go get others in case if something went wrong. The dream then moved to a city in Scotland where I was gathering what seemed like the entire huge group of my friends(no one in particular, just a massive group of my friends as I understood it) to go to the temple. One of my friends who I actually didn't recognize as anyone I knew had just returned and was going back with us. I asked him what happened and what he saw and he told me that he'd lost consciousness when he laid eyes on the "temple", because it was simply too much to take it. He was in tears telling me this. News of its discovery had reached the city and people were going wild with excitement and talking about the discovery and what it meant. The streets were packed and people everywhere were preparing to go see it. The rest of the dream consisted of me trying to catch a ride on a convoy that my parents were leading to see the temple. I kept getting held back for different reasons and then eventually woke up.

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