Dream June 8th

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Dream June 8th

Postby Intrepid » 28 Jun 2012 01:43

Dream June 8th
I am in a Walgreens(or equivalent) and some kind of altercation arises between myself and another man. We are exchanging words when I suddenly realize that he has friends with him who intend to do me harm. We scuffle about for a bit and I'm trying to avoid being cornered. It appears that fleeing the situation is the best course of action, and so I begin to grab ointments and toothpaste tubes to squeeze onto the floor behind me as I run away in order to make pursuit difficult. Lol.
I burst through the exit door and outside, I see that behind the store, darkness is everywhere as far as I can see. It isn't covering everything, however. Only the area behind the store and beyond are blanketed.
I begin to run. There is a distinct beginning to the Darkness, and I notice it as I cross the threshold. I can best describe it as a mild sandstorm effect. An intense diffusion of light into a soft, almost twilight effect. It is most certainly not darkness caused by the setting of the sun, and I know this for sure in my dream. I feel safe as I pass into it, feeling that it is there to help me, and that no harm will come to me. A female is with me, though I cannot recall who it was now. I feel that she is Stephanie, to some extent, and my instinct is to protect her. My best recollection is that she is a combination of women I know. I tell her to run with me and to keep running. I look back and see the men pursuing us, though a good distance behind our head start. I can clearly see the day-lit sky over them at this point, as I have only just entered the Darkness. I again contemplate what I have entered and why I do not fear it. My pace is steady and swift, as is the woman's with me. This is unusual, as I am usually unable to outrun anything in my dreams. I look down and see that the ground is covered entirely in brown grass. Not dead, just brown. Scattered here and there are patches of forest-green Juniper. The shadows of the men in pursuit are beginning to stretch out on the ground in front of my path. This causes me to look back once again. I take notice that the daylight from where I've originally come is now back-lighting them, as they've now passed completely into the Darkness with me. I sense that they are confused about where I have gone and are moving slower than I am. My concentration is returned to my path, which is now more of a blind sprint. The landscape is vast, flat, and open. Although the air is clear, the lack of light is limiting my visibility to the front to a shorter distance ever more so as I run further. Taking notice of this gives me confidence that I am heading in the right direction, and that the men behind me truly cannot see me at the distance that they are behind me. My pace quickens. I am certain that I must travel farther. Much farther. They cannot find me or the woman. I know now that their pursuit is evidence of their intentions to kill us. Every time I feel like I should stop and hide, I run a little more. I look back to see that the daylight horizon behind us is now a mere thin blade of horizontal light. She and I are silent now, no more than twenty meters apart. She glances over every few moments and I reassure her with an arm motion of: "Keep going."
A few moments later, I feel confident with the gap between us and our pursuers and the dimness of the ambient light to stop and find a place to hide.
"In the bushes." I say, pointing to the Juniper, which is covering much more of the ground here, and in bigger patches.
She finds a bush and I tell her not to move or speak until I come get her. I find one for myself and lay down in it. To my surprise, I feel very concealed. The small branches seem to envelop me perfectly, and the Darkness appears to become more intense. My feet are barely visible. It's almost as though I'm supposed to be there.
After what feels like an eternity, I begin to hear their voices. I'm unsure if I had fallen asleep. I was in a state of total relaxation until I heard them speaking. I know they are close, and this causes my heart to pound in my ears.
Their footsteps are now resonating through the ground and I feel them in my back. I shut my eyes and am terrified. I open them and see one of the men standing a short distance from my feet.
"Where the f*** are they? I'm going to kill that mother ******." He says.
They pass me.
My mind races with thoughts of what they'll do to the woman.
A moment later they pass me again.
"Wait." One of them stops the group.
"What's this over here?" He says, moving over to the same spot near my feet again. His shoe touches my foot through the bush and I hold my breath in terror.
The man bends down and begins to touch something in a patch of dirt.
"Here!" He explains.
They all begin to dig. I want more than anything to sit up and see what they've found. My iPhone, which I didnt know was in my pocket, rang twice before I could silence it. Amidst the commotion of digging, the men thought it was one of their own phones. After a few minutes, they unearth a white sack.
At this point, I am able to sit up just slightly and take a look. Their attention is fixed on the discovery.
Also at this moment, the sky begins to break. Rays of light slowly peek through.
The sack is opened and the man holding it reveals a machine. It looks like a typewriter with a screen on it. Each button has a symbol. My understanding of its purpose comes unprompted, and I somehow know that it possesses great power.
Suddenly, appearing next to the group of men as they look over the device, a humanoid being in a silver and green metal suit appears. Its head is covered by what looks like a glass helmet(I cannot see its face), and it is holding what i can only describe as a spear. In my mind, I am certain that the entity either uses the machine, or that it protects those that do, or the machine itself. I want it to be there to protect me, but I am not sure if that is also its purpose. However, I seem to be invisible to the men now, as it's almost daylight completely, and I am standing up looking at them and the device and they are oblivious. They attempt to use it, randomly mashing keys,but to no avail.
The woman emerges from her hiding spot, which has now become a female bathroom stall. She joins me at my side and the being stays in place as the men carry the machine away into a hallway and office building that has seemingly materialized around us. The dream destabilizes into random imagery.

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