So real... All senses, so keen, so scary...

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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So real... All senses, so keen, so scary...

Postby giaz99 » 16 Dec 2015 22:09

I'll start off by saying I could never imagine what a lucid dream would feel like because none of my dreams have had the sensation of touch, pain and had very simple hearing, pretty much only sight and a somewhat blurry background that seemed like a memory when I woke up.
This dream though, was the first I've ever had this real and it scared me.

I was standing there, calling someone and waiting for some order, somewhat like a mission in Grand Theft Auto 5 and it starts really quickly, I'm told that I have to catch a guy in a car and I have some sort of vehicle, probably a bike, I'm not quite sure. Somehow I'm keeping up with him the first time but I fail but I had the feeling I would fail the mission 5 times before I won, sort of like a planned failure in a game to make it more dramatic. That was fine, no pain, no nothing, just a failed mission. The second time though, that second time... I was chasing this person and I rush past the scenery so fast. Next moment, my face is slammed into some gas station wall, I remember it being at a gas station. I remember the daze and shock, I don't think my face hurt that much but then I started yelling "My eyes" without realizing it.
I'll say this as-well... I could sort of see what my eyes looked like from a different perspective. the pupil looked really light and seemed to slightly mix with the colour of my eye, it's hard to describe but it was scary to look at.

This is the more confusing part of the dream but every dream has something confusing about it. This is also the part that becomes so real in feelings. I suddenly appear in some weird building and start walking through it, it has a McDonalds and more stuff I didn't care about but it was pretty much a straight line. I feel like there is a hospital section somewhere further down and I was correct, I was standing in the previous room and I open the door to see a lovely lady staring at me in a room that looks very cold but it was the hospital, she said there was no more ice, sorry. I was freaking out because I needed help, my eyes stung and they felt weird, I was surprised I could still see, I do remember having a talk to someone before I got there aswell but it was more small talk, nobody really noticed my eyes...

I got home since you seem to teleport in dreams and once I did, I immediately requested my Mum to take me to the hospital in that my eyes definitely needed a check. She really didn't want to, she kept saying how it would cost just $15 or something and it was waste. I told her I didn't care about money and went to touch my eyes or at least rub them. Blood was on my hands and my eyes stung a bit. I was shocked that my eyes were bleeding. It seemed so real...

I didn't wake up at that point, I continued to convince my Mum to take me to the hospital but I guess during this writing my memory faded a bit, I can't really remember where I last was in the dream after I realized my eyes were bleeding.
It was so real, I remember waking up, coming to the realization that... It was just... a dream.....

I didn't put in all the details at all so I wouldn't forget the main ones since I wasted 8 or so minutes to let my cat in the house so this wasn't written right when I woke up.

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