Dream June 22nd

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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Dream June 22nd

Postby Intrepid » 28 Jun 2012 01:46

The dream starts out in a parking lot of what appears to be either an apartment complex or a theme park. Yes, this is completely senseless.
I walk around the parking lot for a bit and observe a dog running around. It seems to be a greyhound and pit bull hybrid somehow. The dog disappears and I leave the lot. The ambiguity of the nature of the dreamscape begins to fade after I see apartment buildings. They are about a hundred yards away from me and off to the right from where I am oriented. A canal sits in front of me that empties into a lake(?). The lake appears to butt up to the apartment buildings off to my right. The walls of the canal are quite steep and tall. I stand on the edge and look down in order to see what the water looks like. My curiosity comes from the sudden desire to jump in because it is hot outside. I am quickly disappointed as I look to see that the water is a hideous brown color, and appears to be quite polluted. I follow the canal to the right and eventually to the lake and see that this water is also very forbidding. I stand for a moment and survey everything, trying to justify jumping in for whatever reason. I conclude that I should not.
Suddenly, I look up to see a dragon flying high above me. I am somewhat frightened, but only at first. In my mind I am imagining how to fight it, and I wonder if it breathes fire. I imagine that it will most likely swoop down and either try to burn me or pick me up with its claws. This inspires my imagination to think of a creature large enough to charge it head on when it flies at ground level, and a creature pops into my mind that is similar to a rhinoceros, but larger and more armored, and with bull-like horns. Suddenly, I am that creature. Again, in my mind, I begin to play out what will happen when we collide and am excited at the potentially dramatic consequences. I picture myself as a giant creature with flames on my back from dragon's breath, and slamming my horns into its head when it tries to pick me up.
I take notice that the dragon has seen me, and it begins to circle directly above me at a much lower altitude than it was previously flying.
I decide to square off with the dragon parallel to the canal. I see it circle around and begin a flight path directly at me, and I paw the ground and charge. We collide with immense force and the both of us are thrown to either side of each other. For reasons unknown to me, I begin to desire to be more terrified by it, as my strength appears to match its own. Visions flash in my mind of attempting to fight the dragon in the polluted lake. Fear comes over me as I see it thrashing, giving chase. I remember taking mental note that the water is quite shallow, and I feel that he( I felt it was a male) will have an advantage over me. This entices me, but I still do not enter the lake. We square off and clash again with the same result.
I either cannot recall what happened, or the dream places me randomly back near the parking lot, and I am human again. I am now with a family that I do not know, and David, Stephanie's cousin. We are conversing when I again look up to the sky and see a cloud formation that sparks my curiosity. I see vivid faces everywhere in the cloud, and I immediately become fascinated. I point them out to David who can see them as well. The thought comes to me that my camera is nearby and I scramble to find it and photograph the faces. In the process of finding the camera bag, I put the sunglasses that are suddenly on my head (?) down over my eyes, as the sun appears to be behind the cloud I wish to photograph. I find my camera and take it out. The zoom lens is currently attached and I point it at the cloud. I am immediately upset because they are no longer visible. The thought comes to me to remove my sunglasses and when I do, the faces are visible again. I point my camera at them and begin to take pictures as fast as I can. For some reason I put my sunglasses on again, forgetting that they interfere with my vision of the faces. I remove them again and take more photographs.
I am suddenly distracted by the sound of a helicopter's rotors and look to my left and see a UH60 performing an auto-rotation (engine failure procedure). The aircraft starts to lose control and spin. It crashes into the ground near the house and the pilot and co-pilot exit the aircraft unscathed. They are both Marines wearing dress blue uniforms, but as with all military uniforms in my dreams, they are incorrect. The awards are randomly placed and the colors are wrong. The co-pilot begins to belittle the pilot for doing a terrible job during what was apparently an exercise. I listen to them a bit and then return my focus to the cloud from before, which is now gone. The dream began to fade at this point, and my last memory is of opening a refrigerator outside the house and seeing a bunch of fruit juice bottles.

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