Dream June 25th

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Dream June 25th

Postby Intrepid » 28 Jun 2012 01:48

I am sitting with two men, one that I think I know, facing the coastline (ocean?) on an elevated part of the landscape, perhaps a mile or more from the water. To my right is a large cliff face that extends from beyond my sight behind me, all the way down to the water. The sand at the coast that touches the base of the cliffs is pure white. Panning to the left is more sand and then in the center, a very tall tower-like rock structure stands alone. At first glance it appears to be the "Seat of The World" from my previous dream. I cannot say for sure that it is, though.
We are sitting and talking about about the "end", and the wave that is about to hit us. I cannot see a wave yet, however.
"Will it be higher than that tower?" I ask one of them.
"Much higher. That tower will disappear into it, just wait." he replies.
"Will we feel anything when I hits us?" the other man asks.
"No." I reply. "If it's that big, we'll be overtaken and crushed in a fraction of a second. Our minds won't even register the pain."
As though it came out of nowhere, a giant wave was suddenly visible.
"There it is!" one of them shouts.
"No." The one man corrects the other. "That's only the first of two. That one won't even crest the tower down there. Watch."
We watch as the first wave breaks around the tower and inland for a little ways, not nearly big enough to touch us.
I suddenly realize that the blue sky behind the first wave is not sky, but the second wave, and it is beyond the scale of putting its size into context.
"This is it!" one of them yells.
"Can we survive this somehow?" (I'm not sure who asked this.
It crests at the shore as a normal beach wave would do, as opposed to moving forward like a tsunami. The sound is like a thousand thunder claps as the water slams down onto the shore. Even though the tower is very close to the water, the wave appears to do this on the short bit of sand between the ocean(?) and the tower. Again, not like a normal tsunami would.
The impact of the break is so intense, that water is thrown into the sky high enough to reach us where we sit, and cool water splashes us from above as we watch and listen.
This terrifies me and calms me at the same time. I know that the force needed to throw water a mile away and down onto us is immense, but that same force will bring a quick and painless end to us.
The wave appears to break again and again onto itself, moving very slowly inland. The tower is finally consumed, and the massive wall of water pushes forward. More and more spray hits us. It is cool and refreshing, and I am feeling less and less fear. I begin to imagine surfing on it to survive and images of the three of us surfing the very top of the wave pop into my mind.
I hear very faint yelling as the wave is nearly over us. I look up to see (I do not remember how many people) someone on top of the wave, at least several hundred feet above us. This gives me sudden hope, and I decide to jump into the wave and try to get inside the water wall and ride safely inside before I am crushed by the breaking wave. All I can see now is white foam and blue water. A cool rush of air being pushed by the wave hits us. I am suddenly and gently swept up by the chaos and feel myself falling down the face of the massive wave. The white foam and sound engulf me. I am completely without fear.
I wake up.

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