Staying IN a dream - Advice?

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Staying IN a dream - Advice?

Postby Harry Potter » 26 Dec 2015 21:26

So over the last week and a half, I have had a couple "near lucid experiences." It has been about two weeks since my last "real" LD, and I'm kind of stuck on a mental roadblock. Every time I realize I am dreaming, I immediately feel my body in my bed. I can't stay lucid- the moment I "wake up" in my dream seems to cause me to wake up in real life. It's as if I am being kicked out of being lucid. How do I stay inside the dream, if that makes any sense?
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Re: Staying IN a dream - Advice?

Postby adrien » 27 Dec 2015 00:23

Hi, in my last few LDs, I have spontaneously done things to kind hold on to the dream and it worked.
One thing was that as soon as I became aware I shouted many times "this is a dream", while saying that i felt like i was grounding myself to the dream reality. One other thing i did was pretty funny, as soon as i became aware, i saw a dream character (who is my co-worker in reality) and grabed her head tightly with my hand and looked intensely at her face until i was well rooted in the dream.
It s funny to me because these things are done half consciously and with a feeling of survival because i want so much to stay in the dream.

I also read something you can do is friction your hands together or do anything else of the type wich involves feeling your dream body, like blowing hot air from your mouth on your hands, etc...

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