Frey's Dream Journal

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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Frey's Dream Journal

Postby GalaxyMeow » 31 Dec 2015 03:18

Hey there!
I'm Frey. I will be posting my dreams here. I tend to have strange dreams, and if you want you can try to interpret them for me, but this will be mainly for myself to look back on my experiences.
I will put a warning if the dream will have disturbing stuff in it (It would only be gore, nothing else. Please tell me if that's not allowed at all. Just the themes of death and re-animation.
[color=#4080FF]I will list some of my interests to see if that will help make sense of some dreams.
I have owned several pets in the past. Nutmeg (A female miniature poodle, deceased from heart and lung failure), Care (A male betta fish, deceased from old age), Indigo (A male betta fish, deceased from unknown illness), Thor (Male greyhound, deceased a few years after we had to give him away, so unknown), Poof (Female moggie cat, living), Stitch (Male winter white hamster, deceased from extreme old age), Kona (Female australian shepherd, living), Rose Quartz (Female syrian hamster, living), Onyx and Citrine (Male moggie cats, living), and lots of other cats that live at a family farm.

I play minecraft sometimes as well as the sims. I watch Modern Family and Supernatural, and various anime and cartoons. I also am a fan of FNAF and warrior cats. I am a strong supporter of LGBT+ rights, being pansexual myself. I draw as a hobby, and have a lot of fursonas. I could be considered a furry, but not the creepy kind. Far, far from that. So far from that. Some of my favourite youtubers are Joey Graceffa, MirandaSings (And PsychoSoprano), Connor Franta, Steph Sanjati, Twaimz, KidPOV, iHasCupquake, and Noodlerella. I have a deep love for animals, and aspire to work with them as my career someday.
I live happily with one brother, my birth mom and birth dad. We are not rich but far from poor, and have no family issues (Other than the occasional squabble with my brother). My mom's mom (So my grandmother) died two years before I was born, but other than that, my close family are all healthy. I have two close friends, one of which I am very close with, and have had other friends on and off throughout the years. I have never been in a romantic relationship before.
I am a teenager. The only health issues I've had are nosebleeds that last hours on end, but have gotten better. I did struggle with thoughts of suicide earlier this year, but they have gone away. I have some acne, but it was really bad when I was younger and I got made fun of for it and is one of my biggest insecurities. Even my closest friends have pointed out things about me that they may have not liked about me, which has made me so extremely insecure. I also struggle with social anxiety right now which can lead to anxiety attacks throughout the day
That sort of felt like my entire life story, lol. That wasn't all, but if it helps, that's just some information about me in case it helps with figuring out why I had a dream. I know interpretations would go better in the Interpreting section, but since this will have all of my dreams in it, I figured that info would go well here, too!

So, here we go! I will make a new post for every dream.

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Re: Frey's Dream Journal

Postby GalaxyMeow » 31 Dec 2015 03:30

I'm going to start off with a freaky dream I had a couple of nights ago. Please do not read if you are squeamish with dead things or reanimation/ghosts. This freaked the heck out of me.


So, it started off with us packing up to move to a new place, and I was told I was going to be getting a pet duck.

So scary, right?! That's not the scary part.

So, You may have read about my deceased dog, Nutmeg.
She's buried at our family farm, but in this dream, apparently she wasn't anymore.

I was sitting on the couch, and then Meggy (Nutmeg) walked up to me. She was clearly dead, minus the rotten look of a zombie and the smell, but she looked dead. But there was something haunting her. We didn't want to make the spirit upset, so we just went with it.

She jumped on the couch beside me and wanted to be petted. I sort of unwillingly interacted with her, and she acted like she had never died, but looked very scary. We didn't want her around. We were really scared. My family tried getting rid of her, by throwing her away (Gosh I hate this I'm so sorry.) but the spirit kept bringing her back to us. I went to my cat, Poof, whom I found in a chest we have made of wicker. Her eyes were completely black, and there was a tar-like substance around her eyes and mouth and smelled, really bad. I can still kind of recall the smell.

She had stolen my earrings and was wearing them around her paws. I could tell that a demon had possessed her, and the real Poof was gone. I was so upset by this. Meggy and Poof were best friends when Meggy was alive. She turned her head to me and started to shove her own paw down her throat.The earring she was wearing was a gift from my dad to my mom, and from my mom to me. She stuck it in her throat and I told her "Don't you dare". It burned and shrivelled up, despite from it being made by solid gold. She then took her paw out and grinned like the cheshire cat.

Some people wouldn't be alarmed by this, but I love my pets so dearly, and take dreams seriously, and this really scared me.

Not to mention that I was woken from this nightmare by something that sounded like someone hissing the word "CATS"

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