Vampire bats caught in a house

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Vampire bats caught in a house

Postby FearNaBoinne » 31 Dec 2015 11:25

Hi, this is my first post here, so sorry if I miss something...

I had a dream last night, which I have had a few times before over several years. I rarely remember dreams, and always forget to write them down, so here is what I can remember...

I'm in this house, and I do not know whether it is mine or not, which has vampire bats in the attick. I've been told by someone (the (former?) owners?) that these bats need to be allowed out every day by opening the right windows on the first and second floor... Also you cannot be in the house while they fly out, since they'll attack you if you are (being vampire bats and all that)!

Whenever I have this dream I am always stubborn and think I can get them out of the house by opening a window on the 2nd floor. For some weird reason I chose to stand on a balcony on the 2nd floor close to the open window... Of course, the bats cannot find their way out, and all congregate on the 2nd floor ceiling. When I try to open the balcony door, there are bats in front of that door, so I cannot open it without hurting and disturbing them. and when I try to close the gap, I need to carefully push side one bat to prevent it from getting caught.

Then I woke up...

I remember feeling both anxious, afraid for the bats to catch me while caught on that balcony, and irritated at having to allow them through the entire house...

Now some IRL info:
Married with 2 kids, owning a house (well, the bank mostly owns it, but anyway...), finances are very tight, always wondering by the end of the month whether I can pay all my bills. Not certain whether this has relevance, but I've been working for almost 10 years for the "same" company now, which was bought by a larger company, which was then bought by an even larger company. All times I've moved along, but still stayed within the product group. The product group is now being sold to another company, and all of my teammates (who are in the USA) are going along. I am the only one of my team outside the USA, and I am not moving (too expensive), so I am forced to move to a different product group...
I cannot think of further IRL details that might be relevant to this dream.

Thanks in advance...

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