My first lucid dream????

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the dreamer
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My first lucid dream????

Postby the dreamer » 01 Jan 2016 20:57

Hi, I just joined the forum today.
I wanted to ask you about my dream I had early this morning.

I began doing the reality check (counting fingers) on Dec 11, 2015 (it's been about 3 weeks).
For the first two weeks, I did reality check 4~5 times a day. But after two weeks, my interest in LD waned as it seemed impossible to have any kind of lucidity in my dream; and therefore, I stopped doing the reality checks. I picked up reality check about 3 days ago but I didn't do it as often as I use to.

Anyway, when I went to sleep last night, after wasting some time in useless thoughts, I began concentrating on my breath and then on my throat area (I read that it's the area with chakra that helps with LD). I do meditate 3~4 hours daily but I know nothing about chakra and have never done chakra meditation. Eventually I fell asleep.

In my dream, I was hovering in the air and was about to come down. But I see people walking on the street and I was careful not to land in top of them. And then I just decided to take off straight into the sky. I am high up in the air and I see the buildings beneath me. I am about to fly and it felt pretty good. And then suddenly I asked myself, "am I dreaming?", and I did the reality check. I counted my fingers. They were five total but when I flipped my hand and counted fingers again, now they were six!!! Wow!!! I am dreaming, indeed!!!!! But then it felt like I was going to wake up from my dream so I did the spinning while I was still up in the air. Then I began to fly around. Now thinking back, I was able to control my flight anyway I desired; I can fly high and/or I can fly low in any direction I want. It was pretty exciting.

Eventually I came down on the ground. And now I was riding in a bus with other people. I was telling them how this is just a dream and showing them how to count the fingers to see what I meant. Again, I did the reality check and again, there were more than five fingers in my hand. The people were listening and seemed to be in awe as I spoke.

I looked out the window in the bus and see the outside and I am thinking I wish I can go out and fly again. But I could not!!! I just could not get out of that bus.

As I continued the bus ride, I was aware that I was dreaming. I am looking out the window in the bus and see different scenes and I am still aware this whole thing is a dream.

What I want to know is if this was my first lucid dream? If it is, how come I could not change the entire content of my dream?

I was able to change the course of my flight and was aware that this whole thing was a dream. But I could not change or create the entire content of my dream!

I am thinking was it a lucid dream? Or did I dream of having a lucid dream?
Please let me know. I would appreciate all your input.

Thank you and happy new year to you all.

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Re: My first lucid dream????

Postby shutterbugjen » 02 Jan 2016 00:45

Sounds like a lucid dream to me! We don't always have complete control over our dreams, especially as we begin the practice. If you go to the main website, click on "articles" and there is a whole section on articles relating to dream control and how to improve those skills. :) Congrats on your first lucid dream!
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Prince Demitri
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Re: My first lucid dream????

Postby Prince Demitri » 02 Jan 2016 10:28

Yup! That was a lucid dream. :!:

Congrats on recognizing that you were dreaming and not waking up instantly (not waking up from the sheer excitement of realizing you're lucid in a dream {called dream stabilization} is usually a tricky thing for most people, especially with their first lucid dream.)

As Jen said, there's an entire section about dream control. I posted something recently in that section that has my suggestions on how to incrementally increase how much control you can have over a dream while lucid.

Welcome and cheers! 8-)
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Re: My first lucid dream????

Postby the dreamer » 02 Jan 2016 18:48

Thank you both Shutterbugjen and Prince Demitri for encouraging words.
I am excited that I was able to accomplish what was deemed as almost impossible.
I will be visiting this website more often and will try to read and learn from all the posts and articles here.

Thank you again. Cheers! :D

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