He needed me to heal his scars

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He needed me to heal his scars

Postby pluginmango » 01 Jan 2016 21:56

In a previous post I mentioned that I have been dreaming frequently about my co-worker.
[Link to the discussion: http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=17359 ]

In this dream I seemed to be on an island with a huge lighthouse on it. The weather was really nice, it felt like summer and the lighthouse was absolutely beautiful. The next thing I know I'm apparantly inside of it and the interior matched the exterior almost perfectly. The surroundings were all light-coloured and the sun rays were coming in through the windows which made the interior look like it was basking in warmth and happiness. I felt the need to go to the top of the lighthouse to go check out the view and I walked towards the spiraled stairs. As I was going up the stairs, a maid ran past me with towels in her hands and she said to me: "You have to go up to him, he doesn't look to good!" She was dressed as the stereotypical maid in movies with a black apron and her hair neatly tied up in a ponytail. I went further up and stopped by a room of which the door was slighty opened. I pushed it farther open only to notice that my co-worker was sitting shirtless on a bed. I walked towards him and saw that there were scars all over his chest and back. He told me he had been waiting for me to take care of him. At that moment I became lucid because
1) I was shocked seeing my co-worker shirtless in my dream
2) my mind went "Why would he ever need my help? We barely speak to each other."

So I looked at him, back to his scars, back to him and I was asking myself if I should just go along with the dream. So I kneeled down and there was a basin of water with a wash cloth suddenly standing on the floor right next to me. I touched his chest to check if the scars were deep but unfortunately my mind went: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? HE'S YOUR CO-WORKER! YOU'VE GOT A BOYFRIEND, FFS!" and that's when I woke up. I know it wasn't something to feel guilty about 'cause in my dream it felt like we were really good friends and I just wanted to help him out because he asked me to.
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Re: He needed me to heal his scars

Postby Nickfan40 » 02 Jan 2016 23:20

I didn't have a dream *exactly* like that, but I was healed in a dream:

This was in 1999:

I was lying in a big wooden bed in a log cabin. I was naked, but the sheets were pulled up around me. The room was filled with a white light/mist and I could hear something like a wind blowing, but I found out later that it was "white noise".

Dr. McCoy comes into the room, looking like he did on the show. He is bare-chested (see www.mancrushes.com to see what Deforest Kelley looked like), but I can't tell if he's wearing pants or not because of the white light/mist. He comes over to the side of the bed and puts his hand on my stomach. I can feel a burning sensation through the sheet and cry out, but later, the feeling turns into a tingling, pulling sensation, sort of like an orgasm. He gets in bed with me and puts his arms around me. I wake up.

In those days, I suffered from a condition called, Endometriosis, which causes extreme pain and bleeding during menstruation. After that dream, I didn't suffer so much from it and changed my diet. I'm wondering if I had healed myself, but needed help doing it. I realize now that my chakras must have been leaned out pretty well from what I was doing: using my novadreamer, brain wave and relaxation cds, and a cd that helped to cleanse the chakras. I'll have to get another one because I loved having the clear dreams and OBEs.

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