Seeing Jim Varney at my elementary school

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Seeing Jim Varney at my elementary school

Postby Nickfan40 » 05 Jan 2016 18:58

I had this one just last night after eating sharp cheddar cheese, chocolate, and listening to my alpha-theta cd and chakra-cleansing CD:

I was sitting at my desk in my 5th grade classroom and feeling very much the same age as I am now. I am seeing the classroom just as I saw it in 1986 and 1987. ( There is an accordion-like partition separating one room from another on one side, while on another, there is a red paper covered cloakroom on wheels that can be moved to make the appearance of a door; there were no doors on the rooms. Not long ago, my mother and I revisited the school, they have doors, now, and I don't even recognize it anymore! :cry: ) Either there are no other kids in the class, or I have "tuned them out". I am staring at the blackboard. I feel like someone is looking at me, and when I turn, I see Jim Varney, Ernest P. Worrell himself! He's wearing the same clothes he always wore as Ernest, so I know he's not there to give a speech in the gymnasium. He asks my name, and I tell him. He talks to the other kids.

Some time has passed, and we are writing our names and addresses on little 3x5 cards with a fancy ink pen that looks like we're trying to write in calligraphy and I'm trying to write as neatly as I can; I'm not sure why we are doing this. Jim (or is it Ernest? :lol: ) comes up behind me, just as I am writing my address: 150 N. Hanover Ave. He says it is not far from where he lived as a boy. I tell him that I know that he lived on both Hollywood Dr. and Sherman Ave. I wanted to tell him much more like how I enjoyed his portrayal of Jed Clampett, that we liked it that he was a "native son/local boy" that made good, but I started to fade out of the dream.

He's been dead since 2000. Why do we dream about dead people? My dream was "broken" this morning when my mom and I were out walking and saw the street sign that said, "Sherman Ave."

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