Crazy long Dreams?

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Crazy long Dreams?

Postby allijoyfly » 06 Jan 2016 22:23

I had a dream a while back that was very strange. It was about my uncle’s evil neighbor putting snakes and other little critters in our pool (to sum it up). The thing happening in the dream was very weird, but that was not the strange thing about it. The strangest part about it was how long it felt like it lasted.

I woke up from my dream pretty flipped out. It felt like I was in the dream world for at least 24 hours! I have heard that time itself is just something in your brain, so could my subconscious have “slowed down” time in my brain so that hours felt longer?

If this is the case, then is there some way to make my brain do it again so that I can take a vacation into my dreams for what feels like a full day or more? Has anyone else ever experienced anything else like this?

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Re: Crazy long Dreams?

Postby Prince Demitri » 06 Jan 2016 23:44

I've had a dreams that lasted days, weeks, months, and even years within a single dream.

Usually, if they're longer than a day they are layered dreams. The one I had that took years was layered, and felt very real. For a long while after I woke from it I kept thinking it was actually a past life or gaining memories of an alternate universe or something, but those didn't really "fit" with my experience.

In the dream I would go about living life, then go to bed, dream (along with having many lucid dreams in that second layer), wake up, record the dreams, live my day, and so on... For years. When I finally woke up, I felt as if I had gone back in time; but moving forward IRL, things didn't play out anything like they had in my dream, including some people in my dream that don't even exist IRL.

I suppose it could still have been some type of time travel back to an earlier version of myself in a separate timeline, but that's more of a stretch for me to believe than it just being a very elaborate dream.

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