What is this technique that I figured out?

Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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What is this technique that I figured out?

Postby jacobf912 » 07 Jan 2016 05:24

I started to get back into meditation yesterday and practiced in the morning and at night for 20 minutes each session in a chair in my room. After the night session I felt relaxed, focused, and tired, so I laid down in bed.

Almost immediately, I was able to watch myself fall asleep and had sleep paralysis that turned into a lucid dream that was almost an OBE. I knew it was a lucid dream because I have had one before but that was random. I am wondering what caused this meditation induced lucid dream, and how can I recreate it in the future?


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Re: What is this technique that I figured out?

Postby Prince Demitri » 07 Jan 2016 18:45

What you described is a WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream), facilitated by meditating just as you lay down to sleep.

I gave a step-by-step outline for a streamlined meditation practice that helps to boost lucid dreaming (as well as maximize the benefits of meditation in all other areas of life) in this thread:


(I'd turn that into a link, but linking is disabled here, so you'll hafta copy pasta it.) :?

If you'd like to recreate the experience you've had, and already have a meditation practice, then you might like this particular tweak to your meditations. :) I'd be interested in hearing how well it works for you.

Fell free to reply here, or on the other thread, and I'll keep an eye out for your reply (and any questions).

Cheers! 8-)
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