[Help please] Weird Creature In Dream

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[Help please] Weird Creature In Dream

Postby SleepingDragon » 08 Jan 2016 02:40

Please help with interpreting my dream.

--> I had this really odd dream earlier today when I had a nap (6 hours).
How to even explain it...
It was the first dream ever since I was a kid which felt so real and... even when I dream I know it's a dream, but for some reason it didn't feel like that this time.
What it was about though:
I was either kidnapped or went to the place myself, it's hard to describe, but think of a forest, trees, uhm.. house in a tree, you know, kind of a tree house thing made from an actual largh tree trunk or something?
Anyways, there was this large male elf or whatever it was (best word I can describe for it at the moment). Like not one of those kind elves or elite elves you see in certain stories and movies, more of a... natural elf, if that makes sense? It seemed to consist partially out of a tree/plants itself, it had this penetrating evil look though.
Somehow I felt it wanted me there where it was in the forest and all I can remember is that I had to do things for him. If I didn't, he would be mad. Like, scary mad.
The things though were often to kidnap kids, but somehow I was special, because I wasn't a young adult/kid/human anymore (I wasn't sure in the dream what age I was), I was becoming more of a natural elf like the creature, but still looked rather human, and by far not as tall as the actual male elf creature.
He would eat the kidnapped kids and communicated to me if I wouldn't continue to steal kids, I would be eaten.
For some reason though I didn't mind kidnapping other kids in the dream, I was happy to help him and grew more and more to like what I was doing and even wanted to stay what I had become.
It was so odd and honestly I have no clue what the heck I was thinking .-.

I've tried to look up information on it, usually dreams after a day or so I forget, even the more lucid ones, this one keeps sticking to me. Only information I can find is about mostly good elves, not of the bad one I dreamt of, so I feel that doesn't apply to my dream.
Not only that, but how do I even know it's an elf? I'm just saying that for a lack of a better word.
Maybe nature-creature-with-weird-eyes(?), I have no idea.

Please help me interpret this dream, it's scaring me a bit. It wasn't a nightmare to me, but it felt so real, unlike any other dreams (nightmares or not) I have had in the past.
I used to be good in controlling my dreams if something went off or I didn't like something, but for some reason I didn't mind where it was going the dream.

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Re: [Help please] Weird Creature In Dream

Postby jasmine2 » 09 Jan 2016 02:21


The Evil Elf in your dream is motivated to kidnap and eat children. Perhaps he symbolizes some belief, judgement, behavior, or other limiting influence present in inner attitude, or your circle of acquaintances (or in larger society), which interferes with harmonious development, relationships, or creative expression.

This "Shadow" quality of the human psyche is often unrecognized, and it can be unconsciously projected onto other people.
- "Something about him/her drives me crazy!"
- "We should hate and fear all of 'those' ('not like us') people."

I recommend the following -

(1) Article - "The Archetype Of The Shadow" by Tony Crisp - dreamhawk.com

(2) "On-Line Dream Work Training Manual II" - by Jeremy Taylor - blurb.com
Click "Preview" - <> Shows all 74 pages.
See especially section (Beginning page 14) - "Understanding Projection ..."
The author uses very imaginative, often amusing, illustrations to help present his insightful ideas.

- At Amazon - See these 2 books by Marie-Louise von Franz. (See was a close associate with psychiatrist Carl Jung. ) - "Look inside - See first pages"

(3) "Shadow And Evil In Fairy Tales"

(4) "The Interpretation Of Fairy Tales"

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