"Dream Atlas" from the creators of DreamLeaf

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"Dream Atlas" from the creators of DreamLeaf

Postby Niloc4943 » 10 Jan 2016 07:35

Hi everyone,

I wanted to take the time to share my thoughts on the new "Dream Atlas", made by the creators of the popular lucid dreaming supplement "DreamLeaf". The Dream Atlas is a very well-made, improved, high-quality dream journal. I find the design of the journal incredible. The cover is made is made from soft, faux leather and feels incredible. It also comes with an elastic strap to keep the journal closed and protected, which I find very useful. The DreamLeaf logo (an owl head) is printed on the front of the cover directly in the middle. It also has the words "DREAM ATLAS" printed in small font at the bottom right-hand corner. The dimensions of the journal are 8 inches x 5 inches, which I find to be a very convenient size. The back cover is blank.

The first page of the journal is entitled "Tips for Better Dreaming". Beneath the title are a few bullets containing some useful advice on how to have more vivid, creative dreams at night. Page two is entitled "How to Have Lucid Dreams" and lists a few paragraphs, some of which include reality checks, LD diets, and the WBTB technique. Both pages are printed in a very clean, simple font which seems to fit the journal perfectly.

The journal entry pages consist of page 3 almost to the end of the journal. The journal entry pages are definitely why I love the Dream Atlas so much. Each entry consists of two pages. At the top of the first page is a small checkbox with the words "Lucid dream?" typed beside it. I find this feature very convenient because I can flip through my journal and find which nights I became lucid. I also love seeing how as more dreams go by, I become lucid more frequently. The rest of the first page is almost completely taken up by about 20 lines dedicated to writing down a description of your dream. The small amount of space left on the page contains a quote about dreaming. Each entry contains a different quote, which I find extremely interesting. At the top of the next page are two blank sections. The left section is entitled "Symbols" while the right is entitled "Meanings". Taking up most of this page is a large blank space used to illustrate your dream. I find this section very useful because it helps me recall certain details that I wouldn't have been able to imagine in my head. Lastly, under the illustration section, are a few lines dedicated to writing down an interpretation of your dream, or what you believe your dream meant. There are a total of 90 entries in the Dream Atlas, while most dream journals contain about 50-75 entries total.

As you reach the end of the journal, you will find a few pages different from the rest of the journal. There are two full pages of lines just for you to write down anything you would like to do in future lucid dreams. This helps motivate me into becoming lucid at night. After that are another two pages dedicated writing down dream themes, and another two pages dedicated to writing down dream signs.

Overall, I really really love this journal. It is very high quality and has helped me have a countless amount of lucid dreams in such a small amount of time. I highly recommend the Dream Atlas to everyone and greatly encourage everyone to purchase it. The journal costs $30 dollars on the DreamLeaf website, but can be purchased on Amazon for a total of $18 dollars at the moment, not including shipping or tax. Definitely worth the money, guys. Would also make a great birthday gift for dreamers, lucid or not.

For images, videos, and more information go to this link:


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