Dream of Electrokinesis

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Dream of Electrokinesis

Postby emiliuxas » 10 Jan 2016 12:28

I had this dream:. I met a guy and I tried to use some pushing power to push him backwards and he said that I have a lot of fear in me, although then I didn't fell the fear. There was this lemonade stand and i tried to suffocate the merchant for no reason, it didn't work. So out of nothing I started ZAPPING him with electricity from my fingertips. I started with one hand, then added the other one. I think he died. It was really weird. I believe I have dreamed of this electrokinesis power some time ago, but just once. What does this power mean ? Or say about my life
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Re: Dream of Electrokinesis

Postby Prince Demitri » 10 Jan 2016 19:36

I'd say it means that you like Star Wars, and would probably want to use as much of the force as you could (not limiting yourself to just the Jedi uses of it).

However, unless you actually felt the fear (instead of just being told that by a dream character), then it wasn't what was causing you to go all sith. :P

It seemed more like "you must embrace fear to use the dark side powers", and then you use those powers since "fear" was just a prerequisite (as the Star Wars franchise makes clear) for using the dark side powers of the force.

Welcome to the dark side my friend! Muahaha! :twisted:
(We have cookies and cake!* :P)

*Cake may or may not be a lie.
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Re: Dream of Electrokinesis

Postby jasmine2 » 11 Jan 2016 23:29

Dreams may often include plots in which the dreamer is reacting to threatening dream characters or circumstances. The dreamer may be fearful and just try to escape, or he/she may decide to fight back in various ways, which sometimes involves using unusual weapons or powers.

If you keep a dream journal, can you see any recurring pattern in dreams which involve dangerous figures or threatening environments? Such dreams may be more common at times when the dreamer is trying to deal with some type of real world challenge - say, a difficult acquaintance, or - problems with school, finances, or situations or attitudes in larger society.

Before going to sleep, you could ask the awareness behind the dreaming to send you dreams that might help you better understand and deal with the difficult situation. If there is a recurrent dream attacker, you can ask him, "Why are you chasing me?", or, turn and tell him, "I want to be friend."

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