Lucid to non-lucid chained theme

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Lucid to non-lucid chained theme

Postby fineganswaker » 11 Jun 2011 00:02

Late last week I had a dream where I was driving in a very desolate area of scrubby pines* in the most amazing moonlight--impossibly silver-toned that bathed everything with a special brand of luminosity. I was on a one lane gravel or dirt track, trying to get out onto a main road I knew was somewhere up ahead but couldn't quite find, trying to get to...somewhere, to do...something that seems important to do.

This silver moonlight was so intense that I became lucid--but I remained calm, almost phlegmatic about it (a first). I felt myself drifting upwards through the roof of the car-but suddenly started worrying. "How will I get home? I'm out in the middle of nowhere!" and "What the heck is going to happen to the car if I suddenly float away--there'll be an accident!". I ended up getting stuck with my head halfway through the roof. Then the dream ended and I woke realizing I'd just broken one of Stephen Laberge's cardinal rules. Oh well, Rome wasn't built...

Next night. It's broad daylight on a hot day and I'm at some kind of Cinco de Mayo type festival in a dry, coastal town in broad daylight. Hanging out with this great gang of Hispanic folks and really digging the vibe--and the food. The crowd kind of fades away (although I vaguely remember some "Adios"es) and I find myself walking around the town's "zocalo", or main square fountain. Suddenly I'm at the wheel of a big, cheesy fin-mobile out of the early 1960s--a convertible no less. I'm leaving the square and driving over some railroad tracks to the main highway. I turn left at the stop, and realize I'm now driving north on California's "great highway" on the pacific coast.

All of a sudden it's night--and I suddenly realize in this dream that it's the same wonderful silvery light from last night's driving dream. The memory is intense, exhilarating--but, oddly, this does not trigger lucidity.

But this dream is still wonderful. I drive along in the moonlight checking out the light on the waves and the beach on the left, and the dunes and beach houses on the right. The beaches are empty (it's late), and I start looking for the perfect one to stop at. The whole thing feels just great, and the dream fades as I hear myself thinking that Frisco's only an hour or so north--might as well make the drive since it's such a fantastic night...

Thinking back now, was the highway on the coast in the second dream the one I was trying to get to in the first? Hm. And that moon, that crazy old moon...

*my memory of this landscape continues to remind me of the great story "The Night Visitor". by the late B. Traven (of Treasure of Sierra Madre fame).

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Re: Lucid to non-lucid chained theme

Postby Peter » 11 Jun 2011 02:47

wicked dream and a lovely image. just enjoy them and use the moonlight and peacefull setting as a way to relax at bedtime and you might just fall into a WILD. If you keep returning to that scene and more so the feeling you will get more and more relaxed and may be more inclined to acheive the state of calmness to stay in the LD state and explore.

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