First lucid flight, and a false awakening!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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First lucid flight, and a false awakening!

Postby shutterbugjen » 10 Jan 2016 14:43

Last night I experienced two lucid dreams (which thoroughly thrilled me, as this is only the 2nd time I have managed to achieve lucidity!), one of which was a false awakening turned into a dream.

In the first, I am sitting outside at a wooden picnic table. The table is white. People are milling around, but there is no one there that I know. I glance down at my hands and realize that I have six fingers, and that is when I become lucid. I stand up and announce to the dream that when I turn around, I will see a scene of a barn (I have been attempting to incubate a dream about going into a barn and finding a beautiful horse and going for a ride through the countryside.) As I turn, the scene does change, but not quite the way I wanted it to. The barn was blue. So I decide to try flying instead. I take a running start, jump and push off the ground and I am soaring in the sky! It is the most exhilarating feeling I've ever experienced. I continually remind myself "this is a dream, I'm dreaming!" to keep it stable, and it lasts for 15-30 seconds, but I can't hold on to it much longer than that.

SECOND DREAM/false awakening

I am lying back in my bed, feeling angry that I couldn't hold on to the lucid feeling and fly around some more, but things don't seem quite right. I try to do another reality check- pressing my fingers through the palm of my other hand, but it fails. I look around to try and find my digital clock or read the titles of books on my shelves, but it's too dark and the clock has disappeared. So then I decide to try and levitate my left leg. It rises up into the air of its own accord, but I don't believe it quite yet. I'm convinced I'm lifting it myself, so then I decide to levitate the other one as well. Suddenly both legs are floating up in the air with no physical effort on my part and I become lucid. I stand up and announce to the dream "The door will open and a handsome man will enter." SPOILER ALERT- nothing juicy happens. Sorry. :roll: The door opens, and a handsome man DOES come into the room. Then I begin to do battle with myself in my mind (Is engaging in lucid sex the same as cheating on my husband? Just how real IS THIS?) My questioning of the morality of what I am about to do results in my subconscious interfering (sigh....) by inserting three little girls into the room. They are sitting on the floor playing a game. At first I plan on making them disappear but I decide to ask "What do you represent?" One little girl, with long brown hair and two braids replies "Your childhood." I consider this for a moment, and then I hear the sounds of a symphonic band playing in the next room. I look through the window which has magically appeared in my bedroom wall and I see a large rehearsal room, and a band (think trumpets, flutes, clarinets, etc. Not electric guitars. Lol.) They are playing a John Phillip Sousa march. The sort of thing you might hear a marching band play in a parade or at a 4th of July concert. I think that style of music is not suitable to my purpose, so I announce to the dream "When I wave my hand, they will transform into a string orchestra!" I do this, and as I wave my hand, the instruments change to violins, cellos, etc., and the musicians' attire changes to tuxedos and formal black dresses. But they continue to play the same piece of music!! After this I lose lucidity and the dream fades away.

Sweet dreams!
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Re: First lucid flight, and a false awakening!

Postby Prince Demitri » 10 Jan 2016 19:24

That's great Jen! :D

I see you're noticing that when you want something specific, you have to be specific about the change you want made. You wanted to see a barn and you did! - just not the color you expected. You wanted the instruments to change and they did! - just not the song that was playing.

It seems to me like it was a pretty fun dream for you, and that's fantastic! :)

One thing I suggest is not to worry so much about getting things exactly as you want them (blue barn instead of a red or brown barn, for example), but to focus on what you want to experience (finding a horse in the barn you could ride).

I'm betting if you went into the blue barn, you probably would've found a horse (or perhaps a zebra, as our subconscious tends to have a sense of humor sometimes) that you could've gone riding on. :)

As for sex in lucid dreams and cheating. I guess this depends on whether or not you feel like it's cheating. If you're worried that sex with the person you desire in a dream would be cheating, then just announce in the dream that it's the projection of all the best things about your husband, and you'll find that subtle changes will happen to make him even sexier to you (since I imagine you have good reasons to get married to him in the first place).

The best part will be that you'll also recognize that this now-super-sexy person has become an avatar of your husband, and your concerns about cheating should vanish.

Congrats again! 8-)
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