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Postby Niloc4943 » 13 Jan 2016 02:17

Hey everyone,

I'm thinking about getting a mugwort supplement to help make my dreams more vivid and creative, as I read that's what it does. I was wondering if mugwort could also help me to have a lucid dream. Please let me know!


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Prince Demitri
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Re: Mugwort

Postby Prince Demitri » 13 Jan 2016 21:23

I've never tried a mugwart supplement (for any reason).
I'd be interested to hear how that works for you.

Cheers! 8-)
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Re: Mugwort

Postby Niloc4943 » 13 Jan 2016 23:24

Prince Demitri wrote:I've never tried a mugwart supplement (for any reason).
I'd be interested to hear how that works for you.

Cheers! 8-)

Of course! I'll let you know after a few nights of taking it.

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Re: Mugwort

Postby Square.Snail » 25 Jan 2016 12:04

I was growing Mugwort for some time last year. I made teas out of the fresh leaves (which tasted pretty unpleasant) and tried smoking it also. I found it to have no significant effect on my dreams.

This piece of info might also be useful to you, from Wikipedia:
"Mugwort oil contains thujone, which is toxic in large amounts or under prolonged intake."
"Mugwort herb contains a very small percentage of oil, so is generally considered safe to use".
Just a note on safety.

I can definitely attest to Silene Capesis's efficacy, and I am currently looking into Calea in significant depth.

In my opinion, Mugwort is neither the most effective, nor the safest oneirogen on the market.
If you do decide to use it, I would certainly like to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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Re: Mugwort

Postby luckycloud » 08 Feb 2016 19:33

I've recently begun to dabble with Mugwort as well, the first time I smoked a bowl of it, the dreams I had we're wicked, and very interesting. Although every other time I've smoked Mugwort before bed, the effect has been not nearly as effective. And it's my advice, if you were to begin to dabble with Mugwort, I wouldn't smoke it or ingest it any form more than twice every two weeks, because it can cause neurological and liver damage.

Side note: Every time I've smoked it, I only take two huge rips before I stop because I don't feel comfortable smoking something besides herb, so perhaps the effects aren't nearly as effective anymore because I've become neurologically immune to the amount that my body is used to? Who knows. :D
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