WBTB: Fail Or Succsess? / Melatonin

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WBTB: Fail Or Succsess? / Melatonin

Postby TheShaps » 15 Jan 2016 14:42

I am new to lucid dreaming. I am 18, I have been meditating regularly for the last 3-4 months and keeping a healthy life style ( exercising, and a good diet). The last 13 days I have been trying to lucid dream by doing regular RC and keeping a Dream Journal and also been practicing the WBTB method, or the timer method: Basically I wake up at 5 am after 5-6 hours of sleep, then set an alarm for 6 am then 6:08 then 6:12,6:16,6:20
and so on..
But I have encountered a few problems:
First of all it takes me a long time to fall asleep, it always has been this way, it takes me at least an hour to fall asleep, but usually its an hour and a half, even when I try not to move, and do the Drop Roll Sleep Command. After I wake up at 5 Am if I stay awake for 45 minutes I have extremely hard time getting back to sleep again, and when I fall asleep I cannot wake up again by the alarms, I just simply keep on sleeping and cannot retain any descent level of consciousness. Although I have made some progress I think, My dream recall ability went up to 2-4 dreams per night, and two nights ago I knew I was dreaming, I was dreaming about dreaming, weirdly enough, I could hear noises and feel sensations from the dream, but the dream "sight" wasn't as vivid and clear as real eye sight, and in my dream I got SP and couldn't move, But I was aware that I am probably dreaming but didn't do anything about it. And yesterday I also knew that I was dreaming and I remember thinking to my self, "hmm I am dreaming, this is a pretty good dream, I should write this dream in my Dream Journal", but I didn't do anything about it and kept on sleeping, only later after I woke up I realized that I was dreaming really. Also I cannot enter full SP, but my body becomes heavy and numb.

My questions are:
Will taking Melatonin increase my ability to have lucid dreams and enter SP and fall asleep faster?
Also my Dream memories feel the same as my real life memories that came from my real eyes and real eye sight, except that I know my dream memories came from a dream.
So does that mean when I dream I actually see my dream but I am not concussions enough to see the dream, and it registers in my brain like a normal memory of eye sight from real life?
I would really love to be able to see my dreams and experience them as vividly as my real eye sight is. Basically achieving "perfect visualization".
What am I doing wrong, and can improve?
What can I do to improve my visualization ability?

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Re: WBTB: Fail Or Succsess? / Melatonin

Postby shutterbugjen » 15 Jan 2016 16:07

Hi there! These are all great questions. I have the same problem with WBTB. I've always struggled with falling asleep anyway, so I've decided that method is not for me-- at least not by setting an alarm. If I happen to wake up during the night, I'll get out of bed for a minute, use the restroom, settle back down, and "talk" to myself about lucid dreaming and imagine out what dream I'd like to have. In those cases I usually fall right back to sleep. It did successfully result in a lucid dream once, though! I think it has a LOT to do with the timing of your sleep cycles in order for that method to work. The fact that your dream recall is improving is a GREAT sign. Keep at it! There will be times where it will ebb and flow-- you'll have fantastic dream recall for a few weeks, then it might slow down, but it'll pick up again.

Melatonin was discussed in another thread in the "lucid dream aids" forum. It can help you fall asleep, but as far as I know it will not increase your chances of becoming lucid, but it can help you fall asleep faster. (If others have different information, please feel free to correct me!) I sometimes use melatonin to help me fall asleep and I have not noticed a correlation between melatonin and becoming lucid. As I think about it, the times I have become lucid were on nights that I did NOT use melatonin. Check out that forum, there's lots of good information in there by people who have done actual research.
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Re: WBTB: Fail Or Succsess? / Melatonin

Postby TheShaps » 15 Jan 2016 16:46

Thanks for the reply!
From further investigation, Melatonin is reported to increase the vividness of the dream, and also increase Dream recall abilities, resulting in higher chances to realize you are dreaming. Were your dreams more vivid after taking Melatonin? As I understand Melatonin increases REM cycles in the second part of the night, making them longer and more vivid, so I think its perfect for WBTB methods. Maybe you can try WBTB methods again with Melatonin.
I will definitely will try to use Melatonin because of how long it takes me to fall asleep.

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Re: WBTB: Fail Or Succsess? / Melatonin

Postby Peter » 16 Jan 2016 02:42

Will taking Melatonin increase my ability to have lucid dreams and enter SP and fall asleep faster?

Nope it wont, its not for that

What am I doing wrong, and can improve?

Give yourself a change, a few hundred more tries or few thousand till it clicks and its not a liner process so you can say this step leads to that as its always different.
Forget WILD, yes if it works and It all I do then its 100% successful but it is the hardest to get right. Work on realty checks and slow up a bit and give it all time.
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Re: WBTB: Fail Or Succsess? / Melatonin

Postby taniaaust1 » 03 Feb 2016 07:15

It would be a very bad idea to go and be taking Melatonin at 5am or early morning hours, It could completely ruin your bodies normal sleep cycle. Melatonin is a hormone .. and if you took it when you went first to bed, it would be worn off by the time you are doing all this.

I personally haven't noticed at all Melatonin (which I take at times cause my body doesn't produce enough), haven't noticed it helping me with LD at all. I haven't even noticed my dreams being more vivid with it.

I wonder if this has properly been studied in a blind study (with a comparision group taking a placebo) as the brain itself on thinking of the affects the Melatonin may do, may be responsible for the increased vividness some get with this.

Also methods like you are using are bad for you if you have trouble getting to sleep. This could make any insomnia issues worst and program yourself into it being harder to get to sleep (due to knowing an alarm is going to wake you).
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