The great lucid adventure.

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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The great lucid adventure.

Postby DudeMan010 » 17 Jan 2016 04:43

I was at a company building, attending a meeting. I was sitting at a round table room and all the top executives were there with me. The CEO of the company called the meeting to discuss a change that was going to be upheld at the company. He told us that from now on we have to worship various ideals instead of one. All of a sudden, everyone started to complain one after another about this change. Mostly because the company had been worshiping one ideal all this time that they fell uncomfortable with that change. But after a few minutes of arguments between each other, they all came to an agreement to worship multiple ideals just like the CEO said earlier. After that, we left our separate ways and I went outside. I saw the street and beyond the street was a nice lake. It was mid-day and the sky was very clear. I took few steps and suddenly I had the urge to check if I was dreaming. I checked my hands and I saw something strange in them. When I saw how my hands were unusual I confirmed that I was dreaming. I walked to my left, I jumped and started flying away. During my flight I visited a few places and did some other things but unfortunately I don’t remember.

The next thing I remember is being with César and Lyneshka. It was at night and we were doing a treasure hunt where we had to find the flag of Lares which held the clues. We arrived somewhere that looked a lot like my previous school (El Arca) and we were looking for the flag. After a while we found it and it lead us to a rounded fenced area (like the ones they use for horses to run around without escaping). We went inside the rounded fence and the ground was all muddy. Inside the rounded fence was a creature and it turned out to be a Triceratops. César and Lyneshka ran to the triceratops and started to pet it. I stood still and told them to step away from the dinosaur because it is dangerous. But they kept petting it and the triceratops seemed to enjoy it. Since I saw that petting the dinosaur was safe, I walked towards it and started to pet it too. César and Lyneshka backed off but I kept petting the dinosaur while watching him stick his tongue out like a dog. After a few minutes of petting. I turned around and saw that César and Lyneshka were acting very “romantic” I interrupted them by telling them how this was not the time nor place to be doing such things. They both looked at me like if I was some kind of jerk because I interrupted their special moment. But they stopped and we left the fenced area. Close to the area was an apartment complex and it looked like one of them (César or Lyneshka) lived there. While walking to the apartment, César was whispering to Lyneshka’s ear about how desperate he wanted to be at home. When we arrived to the apartment, I said my goodbyes to both of them and I flew off.

I arrived at my house and I went to the kitchen. It was pretty late at night and I was all alone in the kitchen. Suddenly I hear a voice inside my head and it starts to congratulate me. The voice told me how I was starting to get used to the whole lucid dreaming and congratulated me. Then he told me “before you wake up I want to show you something. Pinch your nose for a moment.” I pinched my nose as he told me and after I pinched it white goo started to pour out of my nostrils. A small puddle of white goo formed at the floor and then it formed itself into a white arrow. Then the arrow started to move on the ground and it headed to the computer room. I followed it to the computer room and the arrow went up the desk and then through the window. For a moment I hesitated and asked to myself how I can trespass the wall next to the window (I never had done such thing before in a dream). I started to push the wall while thinking that I was going to slip off the wall. After like 5 seconds I slipped of and fell flat on the ground outside. I stood up and kept following the arrow. The arrow suddenly stopped in the road in front of my house (I was standing at the far left of my house where the road started to go downhill behind me). The arrow rearranged itself into a neon oval shaped sign. It was green on the top and blue on the bottom of the oval. Inside the oval there was red writing but I couldn’t read it because the sign was placed like if I was seeing the reflection of the sign on water. So it was all blurry and giggly and the sign just stayed there flat in the ground. I stood there thinking what to do now and I saw something unusual. In front of me there is a mountain (which is normal) but behind it there was too much light like if there was a city behind it. I flew up to see what was behind the mountain and saw a whole city but for every 20 buildings there was only like 4 lit up. One of the buildings had the exact neon oval shaped sign that was on the ground. I figured that I had to go there so I flew to the tower that had the sign.

While flying I noticed that the city was completely isolated, but when I reached the tower I saw someone standing at the roof next to a massive lightning rod. I went to the roof and saw that the person I saw was dressed as an astronaut, but his space suit was black and yellow instead of the original white colored space suit. The astronaut had a name tag that said hello my name is… (I don’t remember what it said but I know that it was a very long and weird name that contained a lot of f and r). The astronaut started to talk to me about who he was and what was his mission/purpose in life. Then he took me inside the tower, to a factory room. Inside the room there was a crazy old scientist and he started to tell me how he liked everything related to gore stuff.

Then all of a sudden I’m back at the round table with the same people and same company from before. We were united again to discuss the change. The CEO told us that for now on we can only worship one ideal and that for now on we had to worship the CEO of Hooters. Everyone agreed and started to worship the CEO of Hooters like if he was God. Then the doors to the exit bashed open and my parents came with my grandma and a friend of grandmas. My parents came to me told me how they were worried sick of me because I was gone for like 3 days. They dragged me out of the building and shoved me inside the car. I sat there and when my parents got to the car I woke up.

Feel free to comment whatever you like.

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Re: The great lucid adventure.

Postby shutterbugjen » 17 Jan 2016 05:11

That is quite an adventure, indeed! It's funny how our dreams talk to us. It makes me wonder, is it me doing all of the dreaming, or is something separate contributing to the experience? I had a dream last night in which I was taking a hike through some orchards, and in order to get down to the bottom of the hill there was some sort of physical obstacle I had to get through-- getting down a precarious ledge using a rope and having to wiggle through some kind of wooden structure- and as I emerged safely at the bottom, I suddenly had on a white jacket I was not wearing before. One of the people in my dream who was watching me go down asked me, "Where did that jacket come from?" I responded, "Oh, I went home and got it." even though I did not have the jacket on before descending down the hill! It's like the dream itself was trying to prompt me to lucidity but I didn't "get it." Very cool how a dream figure in your dream congratulated you on becoming lucid!
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Re: The great lucid adventure.

Postby taniaaust1 » 20 Jan 2016 14:55

sounds like your subconsciousness is doing a great job acting as like a dream guide.
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