Getting too exited and using DEILD

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Getting too exited and using DEILD

Postby mikeman7918 » 22 Jan 2016 16:43

Last night I had 2 very short lucid dreams that both lasted under a second. I am very happy about it because this was after a bit of a dry spell. The first one was DILD, I was talking to my sister in the dream and then she took a sip of a drink without interrupting her speech which I noticed was odd and I concluded that it was a dream only to get too exited and wake up before I could stabilize it, and I did confirm that it was not a FA. The second one was DEILD, I had a false awakening and plugged my nose to find that I could still breathe, but then I got exited and noticed that my arm was back by my side again. Another RC revealed that I had woken up.

I am getting rather good at DEILD. Last night I woke up about every 10-20 minutes for almost 4 hours and at least 2/3 of the time I remembered to stay still. I am told that that's the hardest part, but I am still struggling to enter a dream from that, which is why I only succeeded once despite many chances. I also need help not getting too exited and stabilizing dreams. Does anyone have any tips?

Thanks ahead of time :)

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Re: Getting too exited and using DEILD

Postby shutterbugjen » 23 Jan 2016 17:00

Hey Mike! I think that's a common problem as we begin learning about lucid dreaming. I know I struggle with it. My last two lucid dreams also woke me right up. It's frustrating. The longest one I ever had, I continued restating 'This is a dream, I'm dreaming' and rubbing my hands together. From what I've read on other threads and in some lucid dreaming books, the key is to keep your emotions under control and to physically interact with the dream space. Good luck!
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