Successful WILD!!!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Successful WILD!!!

Postby Harry Potter » 24 Jan 2016 19:04

So. It was pretty great. I woke up naturally, feeling still pretty tired. I rolled over in bed, recalled that I intended to LD, and got to work visualizing. I wasn't really directing what I was visualizing, I just let my mind show me what it wanted to. I was picturing a dark, rainy path, with grass at the borders, and trees and a little garden. And then I started walking forward, and I saw another person. He pulls out a wand, and I know he is going to attack me. Still visualizing, mind you. I go to pull out my wand, and I point it at him. I yell a spell, but nothing happens. I've had loads of dreams with Wands and spells, and the same thing always happens; I can tell ya spell and nothing will happen, instead, I have to really expect the spell to come, and will it out of the I'm standing there, and I really try to will the spell to shoot at this guy. And right then, I feel it- the dream *pop* into reality around me. I was already battling this guy, so I just continued to do so. We're shooting spells at each other, and then he makes two cronies appear. Now it's three on one, but I can do this. But apparently I can't: his cronies run up, grab me, and bring me over to him. He's getting ready to kill me, I know. I tear free from their arms, and take off running. They are coming after me. I duck off to the side, and go around to the main Guy's back. I aim my wand, and will the killing curse to go. It shoots, but for some reason it causes my wand to kick up, as if it were a powerful gun or something. I try again, and it still kicks. The third time, I use pay other hand to physically hold my wand down, and it works, I hit him. Some how, I'm now laying on the ground next to him. I look up, and there is this girl there. She looks at me, and says, " hey, I was looking for you at the beach." Right as she says beach, I could feel my body in bed.It wasn't like the dream faded away or anything, it was more like it rejected me. It didn't just a it wasn't like the dream faded away or anything, it was more like it rejected me. It didn't just end, but rather, I popped back out of the dream, and back to visualization. I tried to reenter the dream but, it didn't work.

My actual LD goal was to play a game of Quidditch, and I'm kind of regretful that I just decided to stay and battled the guy. Game of Quidditch would've been nice.

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