Please help!

Do you suffer a sleep disorder? Find support on sleep paralysis, night terrors, recurring nightmares, sleep deprivation and more.
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Please help!

Postby lucidparamy » 25 Jan 2016 09:40

A little bit of background:

I began suffering from sleep paralysis when I was 17. I learnt about it in my Psychology class and that same night, it happened to me. However, after that instance I rarely experienced it again. Probably about another 4 times during that year.

It's when I started university last year that it really became a problem. My sleeping pattern went down the toilet, which is what I'm assuming kicked it off. But it began to make it impossible (and extremely terrifying) to sleep. Whenever I'd begin to drift off, that's when the SP would kick in. This would happen after at least 2 attempts of trying to sleep EVERY night. I was terrified to sleep. I thought I was going crazy, or becoming possessed. Whatever joins me on these little SP sessions, always feels evil to me, which is the main reason I was scared to fall asleep. It's one thing not being able to move, it's another not being able to move because something is on top of you. This went on for about 8 months,
e v e r y n i g h t. I even went to the doctors who prescribed me sleeping pills, but they didn't help either. In the end, I went home for summer, and the problem seemed to go away on it's own. Which was great.

Now, back to the present.

I'm back at university, it's 8:00am and I can't sleep because every time I do, I get SP! Although, I am not currently experiencing this every night it does happen to me probably every other night now, becoming more frequent as the days go by. I'm sleeping on my side, I get the dreaded fuzzy feeling where it feels like my body is sinking into the earth, and I feel something join me in the bed next to me. 'It' usually makes some weird, unnerving noises into my ear and is what makes me realise that it's happening again. I'm so used to it now, I just wait for it to stop. Sometimes if I don't try and move (on the odd occasion I get so scared I can't help myself) it kind of feels like I'm in a hamster ball going round my room. The feeling of floating/flying or whatever I'm doing isn't what bothers me though. It's this horrible SP buddy I've seemed to pick up. I know it's not real but it definitely feels real, and it feels malicious. Even my "bedroom" feels like a place I shouldn't be. I have an active imagination, I've always suffered from nightmares, but this feels so stupidly real it's making me scared to fall asleep again.

I just want to have a good nights sleep without feeling scared! I don't understand why it's near to impossible for me to fall asleep without this happening to me. I've tried everything. Anybody else suffer like this? Please tell me I'm not going crazy/ how to avoid this! Thank you (sorry for the lengthy question)

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Re: Please help!

Postby erichsa » 25 Jan 2016 19:50

Don't fight it. I will say " oh shit here I go again". Each of us is different and our dreams seam to reflect problems we have to understand and overcome. I did it with a very positive outlook on my life.
It might help you to repeat a good thought over and over again while trying to fall asleep. Of course Rebecca's website should be a great help.
Believe you will win, and I am sure you will. :)

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Re: Please help!

Postby jasmine2 » 26 Jan 2016 03:15

Many people experience occasional sleep paralysis, myself included, during borderline states when the body is still asleep but the mind seems to be awake. It helps to just concentrate on breathing peacefully, and image that your body is surrounded by warm, protective light.

If you have a strong sense that a threatening presence is near your bed, even if you can't move, you can imagine becoming big and strong and beating the stuffing out of the scary critter. However, you can also mentally say, "I love you!" to the intruder. Sometimes this will make him instantly disappear.

Increased stress naturally associated with being a university student may be personified in the dream-like demon.

I also recommend the following -

- Website - Dream Studies Portal -
Hosted by Ryan Hurd - On Home page, click on "Sleep Paralysis" - Includes about 20 informative articles.
I especially recommend -
- "10 Ways To Prevent Sleep Paralysis"
- "9 Ways to Wake Up From Sleep Paralysis"
("Ultimate method" - "scrunch up your face ...squint, and snarl Do this two or three times in a row and the paralysis will break immediately.")
- "Sleep Paralysis Treatment - Stop Feelings Of Being Held Down At Night"

- Search - Super Sleep/The Monroe Institute -
CD - sound only, no music or voice guidance - Click "audio sample" - sounds sort of like wind
The sound is a combination of Hemi-sync, binaural-beat frequencies, said to induce Delta sleep brain waves, plus "pink" sound and other subtle frequencies. Works best will stereo headphones, also works pretty well with room speakers on a portable CD player.

- Health Journeys - - CDs and MPs -
Especially -
-"Relieve Stress"
- "Healthful Sleep"
Click - audio sample

- Article - "What Is Guided Imagery?"/ Health Journeys -

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