Experience with this supplement/its ingredients?

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Experience with this supplement/its ingredients?

Postby indigo_apple » 29 Jan 2016 05:37

So I ordered this supplement off of Amazon:


I saw a lot of positive reviews but failed to notice 22% of the ratings were one star. Oh well. I was just curious if anyone has tried this specific supplement, although it is rather generic and cheap.

The ingredients are as follows:

-Choline Bitartrate
-Huperzine A

I know there's probably a multitude of threads addressing a few if not all of these, however, a lot of the ones I saw didn't have a lot of replies/clear responses. Additionally, since they all work in synergy, I figured I could get a more detailed rendition from people in terms of the specific combination of these ingredients.

I already know melatonin does absolutely nothing for me; if anything, it inhibits my dreaming. I was also under the impression that B-6 and B-12 were just vitamins with the plus side of an energy boost? Not sure how that will work if I'm trying to go to sleep.

Thank you!

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Re: Experience with this supplement/its ingredients?

Postby indigo_apple » 06 Feb 2016 08:19

Small update, I've taken the supplements for 3 nights now. So far, no increase in occurrences of lucidity, however, I have noticed my dreams have been perhaps marginally easier to recall/visualize, as well as oddly complex, like they're following a long story. This is accompanied by that strange, in-between sort of consciousness where you aren't lucid, or even necessarily at a high level of awareness, but you recognize deep down that you're dreaming. This state is so frustrating to me!!! Every time I wake up, I feel as though I KNEW I was dreaming; I just paid it no mind.

Anyway, I've only taken them before going to bed, but I think taking them along with a WBTB will be much more effective. I feel like the dreams I had were much closer to the end of my sleep cycle, quasi-hypnogogically. If I were to get a few hours into the cycle first, the supplement will be much more effective once I go back to sleep.

Lol I just realized how uninteresting this is, I just had to update it. If anything changes/I have a nice lucid experience, I will post again.


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