flying with the flock ...

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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flying with the flock ...

Postby flyinghighagain » 02 Feb 2016 20:24

I was risen off my bed, floating up, I touched the ceiling .... I looked at my hand and felt the bumpy stucco on the ceiling ... how odd I thought.. how many people know what their ceiling feels like ? and why was I risen up off my bed? .... then I was off, I learned how to control my dreams ... started slow and easy but ....
where would I start ? I go pretty much wherever I want to go ... I just think it, close my eyes and focus on what I want to do... and BAM ! I'm there ... I guess flying with a flock of geese was pretty cool, as we were flying in geese formation, they all turned and looked at me ?! Was I a goose or was I simply just me, flying high with a flock of geese! ~ WELL, I thought, while I'm here and I have always wondered, what does the leader of the flock think as he leads 12-15 birds, his flock, through the skies ... I wanted to get into his mind.. and I DID ... but only for a couple seconds .. I was able to see through his eyes, straight ahead, forward ... clear blue skies... *** and whoosh, I was back with the flock again ... disappointed I couldn't stay in his mind longer,~ next time I thought ... then I woke up .... ** and felt sooo good! ~ flying with the flock.. after this experience, I knew what I was capable of doing with my dreams ... running with a pack of wolves was AWESOME ... and the spinning, twirling, carnival music like, playing in the background, I've done soo much!! YES, I'm a flier! ~ I'd love to share it if anyone is interested in hearing, hmmm, reading it.. ;) ?? I can't find anyone else in my life who can do this ... can you?? ~ Signed .... Flyinghighagain

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