I'm too agitated to do Part 1 of WILD

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I'm too agitated to do Part 1 of WILD

Postby Minmus » 02 Feb 2016 22:58

I'm a person that dreams a lot and has very vivid dreams, not to mention I have a superb ability to imagine scenes, so I figured I'd have ease in lucid dreaming. Unfortunately, that is not the case - when I'm dreaming, I'm very submissive, rarely question whether something's real or not, and treat everything as physically possible, so I can't do DILD.

I decided to try WILD instead, but I can't even get past Phase 1: I am very agitated, so I can't stay still and as a result I end up tossing around in bed until I lose my body energy and finally fall asleep. Not to mention that I'm addicted to imagining scenes and trying to skip to Phase 3 of WILD.

I've tried listening to binaural beats, but they don't seem to do the trick. What should I do for me to finally calm down in bed?

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Re: I'm too agitated to do Part 1 of WILD

Postby darkryder » 02 Feb 2016 23:43

Lucid dreaming takes time and practice to attain, but it seems like you are a good candidate. You remember your dreams, but do you keep a dream journal? It's important to write down your dreams after you've taken a minute to recall them when you first wake up. The most important thing I've found, though, are reality checks. Are you asking yourself if you're dreaming throughout the day and performing at least two reality checks? Here's a link for an explanation and a list of reality checks that you ca perform.


If you're not able to question whether you're dreaming when you're awake, you won't be able to ask yourself in a dream -- DILDs will never work if you aren't performing reality checks.

WILDs aren't easy to induce when you are going to bed for the night as it usually takes longer to enter the dream state, and you'll usually lose consciousness. I suggest you try the WBTB method in combination with the WILD to have a successful lucid dream. Don't get discouraged if you don't get it right away! Like any skill, lucid dream requires time and effort. Good luck, dreamer!

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Re: I'm too agitated to do Part 1 of WILD

Postby Minmus » 03 Feb 2016 02:41

Yeah, I try to do reality checks, but I tend to forget to do them very easily as I spend most of my time in the computer - courtesy of holidays. I'd like to do the WBTB method, but problem is I live in a small apartment, so I have to share my bedroom with others - as a result, I can't set an alarm because I'll end up waking up the others.

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Re: I'm too agitated to do Part 1 of WILD

Postby taniaaust1 » 03 Feb 2016 05:01

if you forgot to do reality checks during day, there is little chance you will remember doing one in a dream as they often need to be like a habit to trigger doing one in a dream.

Good visualization skills do not necessarily help much in LD.. as one still needs to get oneself into the right kind of state for a LD before those visualisation skills can be useful in pulling one into a dream of ones choice.

In fact trying to visualise for some can pull some away from a dream state as it can mentally activate the mind more and for some, stop them then getting into the right state for sleep and a LD state. So whether this will be helpful for you or not ONCE you do manage to get into the right state for a LD remains to be seen.

any kind of agitation will work against you when trying to LD as the more relaxed you can be the better you will be able to get into the right state.

For yourself if you want to do WILD, you probably need to do some ground work and practice just relaxation mediations and master getting into still and relaxed states before you try anything else. or avoid WILD entirely.

mind wave entertainment kind of tapes (ones which get your mind into certain states, could help).
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Re: I'm too agitated to do Part 1 of WILD

Postby jasmine2 » 03 Feb 2016 06:15

In my experience, trying too hard often seems to reduce chances of having a lucid dream. A gentle invitation to the dreaming mind and patience work better, over time.

I suggest the following resources to help with relaxation. -

(1) Article - "Why I Wear Orange Sunglasses At Night" - wellnessmama.com
Orange glasses block blue light (emitted from computer screens and room lights). Blue light after sunset blocks production of melatonin, and interferes with sleep cycles. The author suggests "Uvex" brand orange glasses. One style fits over regular glasses.

(2) Website - Lighting Science - Modern LED Light Bulbs - lsgc.com
A New York Time article about these bulbs includes reader comments saying that the "Sleep Baby" and "Good Night" bulbs really do calm down babies and rambunctious youngsters, at night. And a wakefulness bulb (name ?) increases alertness to help students study. These bulbs work with a dimmer.

(3) - YouTube - 5 Tibetan Rites - Yoga Dynamics

(4) YouTube - Diaphragmatic Breathing - Yoga Tutorials

(5) drweil.com - Breathing Exercises: 4-7-8 Breath

(6) Website - Health Journeys - healthjourneys.com
Guided Imagery CDs and MP3s
Example - "Relieve Stress" - click "audio sample"

(7) Article - "What Is Guided Imagery?" - healthjourneys.com

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