I'm concerned about the structure of my dreams for lucidity

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I'm concerned about the structure of my dreams for lucidity

Postby Knee » 06 Feb 2016 20:59

I've started to keep a dream journal using an app on my phone, with two entries so far. The thing is, with the way my dreams tend to be, I don't know how I'll be able to become lucid using traditional reality check stuff. I game a lot, and I'm noticing that this is heavily reflected in my dreams; most of them seem to be like I'm in some game world or another, either a legitimate on (like Team Fortress 2) or some false one that my brain's made up. It's like you're playing a third person game, except you only see the screen and not your computer room, and it feels like the character you see is actually you and you're not using a keyboard or anything. It feels completely real and sensical until you wake up. And in most of my first person dreams, I still tend to be able to bring up menus and GUIs on the fly to do stuff. Thus it seems like there'd be no way for me to a reality check. Is there something I can do about this, or am I sorta screwed?

Carter Blunt
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Re: I'm concerned about the structure of my dreams for lucid

Postby Carter Blunt » 06 Feb 2016 22:10

You don't often stop to do reality checks while playing a videogame. I've never gone from a videogame dream to lucid dreaming. Then again, I've never done a reality check either. But I also don't think I can remember more than 6 lucid dreams in my lifetime. I remember dreams every time I go to sleep though, and there have been a few times I woke up right after going lucid. I can only remember one lucid dream that lasted more than 30 seconds, and in that one I spent the entire 10 minutes or longer trying not to do anything exciting. If I had started flying or something, I probably would have woken up immediately. So I will settle for non-lucid dreaming.

I will say that playing less videogames gives better dreams. The period when I was watching Netflix instead was giving me better dreams. I think videogames put your brain in that gameplay mode. It's not the story mode that kills dreams, it's the gameplay. The worst are browser games, where you're not even doing real gameplay, it's like a puzzle game or something. Dream ruiners. I'm actually thinking about quitting all technology for a month, just to see what happens.

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Re: I'm concerned about the structure of my dreams for lucid

Postby jasmine2 » 07 Feb 2016 03:01

This suggestion may sound a little weird, but you never know, it may help.

Google image for - Tribal necklace for men - Hippie, American Indian, Celtic.

Get some kind of similar object that you can wear around your neck when you are at home, playing video games or wandering around the house. If friends or family members giggle, you can caution them that you are using this talisman to help you learn dream magic, and they would not like to wake up some morning and realize they had been turned into a chicken, would they.

As to the practice, from time to time, when you are doing daily home activities, or playing video games, briefly pause and touch the neck pendant. Become aware of the sensation of being in your body and feeling the texture and shape of the talisman. Then imagine that while you are dreaming, you touch this talisman, or feel it brush against your neck and chest, and this triggers awareness that you are dreaming.

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