Realising it's a LD, but can't control my body

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Realising it's a LD, but can't control my body

Postby cloudlizard » 06 Feb 2016 22:04

Hello there :)

I'm totally new here, so I've got a standard question - I decided to learn lucid dreaming a few days ago and atm I'm pretty motivated.
I'm doing my reality checks up to 10 times a day (counting my fingers while saying "I'm awake" or "This is reality", try to push my finger through the handpalm, etc.) and I've started a dream journal where I wrote my recent dreams down.
I've tried using WILD, but it didn't worked - then I realised that there are easier methods for beginners, so I'm trying MILD now.

Yeah, so my actual question: I can remember I had a dream about a while ago, where I knew I was dreaming, but the dream was going on like a movie and I couldn't do anything about it. It was like my mind was free, but my body was still doing things without my permisson, it was like I've watched a first person movie.
I fear, that this could happen again when I'm about to LD. You got any ideas how I can get the full control over my body?

Greets ^^
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Re: Realising it's a LD, but can't control my body

Postby GalMutzafy » 07 Feb 2016 08:40

The dream that you had was probably a low level of lucidiy one, but stil it was a lucid dream.
Don't worry, it happens a lot that you can't really control the dream, that's why it's a low level of lucidity dream.

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Re: Realising it's a LD, but can't control my body

Postby shutterbugjen » 07 Feb 2016 16:09

Hi there. I've only had a handful of lucid dreams, but there is definitely a variance in how much control I have in a lucid dream. Sometimes I have full control, others not so much. I think it all depends on what's happening with one's brain chemistry at the time. Keep at it though, lucid dreaming is so much fun!
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