First Lucid DREAM!!!!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
Dreamer Jeff
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First Lucid DREAM!!!!

Postby Dreamer Jeff » 07 Feb 2016 07:13

Hi there new to the forums...i posted in the introduce yourself page so you can go look over there for a quick intro to what brought me here.

But I have been trying to achieve LD's for over week now with no success, but last night I finally made it happen.

I was actually at a party, nothing to fancy or seemingly out of place, but I did do a reality check and asked myself if i was dreaming or if this was real. At that very moment I realized I was dreaming, I got the sensation you get right after you do that first morning stretch when you wake up. My whole body started tingling and it felt sooo good! I instantly felt it over my entire body. Which I find kind of ironic since thats one of the first feelings I have when i first wake up in the morning as well.

I was overcome with joy...I even remember yelling in excitement that i was dreaming. One of the first things I did was to cover my face and told myself over and over that this was a dream and spun around while looking up at the sky, to try and keep it grounded. I believe thats what helped keep my dream last longer than it should have.

The first thing I tried was fly, and fly I did. I flew miles above the ground. While I was up there, I decided that I wanted to be in another universe, surrounded by stars. So again, I covered my face, repeated that this was a dream and tried to envision myself in the place where I wanted to be. It worked but only to a certain extent. I was there, just barely and then m y field of vision kept closing and it seemed like I was in a passenger jet was appearing around me and I was staring out the window instead of free floating.

I started to fall down to earth...again I kept telling myself this was a dream and kept covering my face and was able to land safely. At this point I was so excited about what just happened I didnt know what to do. so I ripped a tree out of the ground just by pointing my finger at it and making a throwing motion, then promptly put it back in its hole. Ive always wanted to shoot a military style rifle so i did that. weird thing is, although I wasnt physically able to hold/create one, i still had my arms like i was holding one was shooting a concrete wall as if it was there.

I also shot a kid in my dream, but was able to bring him back to life simply by pointing at him and saying "youre good now". He got up and went on his way like nothing ever happened!

I actually had another LD last night as well but thsi post has gone on long enough! just wanted to share with you people...look forward to sharing many more. Please comment if you habe any insights or suggestions or questions!

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Re: First Lucid DREAM!!!!

Postby Lucid_Dreamer » 24 Feb 2016 09:49

Congrats man. My first lucid dream was short lasted. I woke up and felt my sleep was kind of fast. I looked around me and saw my room was completely different, though i couldnt remember what exactly what was wrong with the room it did seem different. Then I remembered! This is my old room..... Whys it like this i thought i got a new bed? :/ went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. After that i had a quick look in the mirror.... And what i saw, was a middle aged hairy man that looked like no one i knew in particular. Although this was strange. I passed it off as nothing (I dont know why). I went back into my room and saw my room looked like it was currently in real life. I then noticed the wall that was supposed to have a chip in the paint.... Didnt. This small sign (Over all the other obvious signs) was the one that triggered me into lucidity. I was so happy yet frightened. I looked at my hands and saw they were all fuzzy. At this time i couldnt remember any of the steps in staying lucid or anything. I could only remember one intention too. Make a sword out of thin air..... I tried and i tried yet nothing happened. This made me frustrated and when i did this frustratedness caused me to lose my lucidity and fall back into my dream. I woke up later on in the dream and knew i stuffed up :P but i also found out Lucid Dreaming really was real. It felt revolutionary. Thanks :3
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[Lucid] Maxda
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Re: First Lucid DREAM!!!!

Postby [Lucid] Maxda » 25 Feb 2016 23:13

I've been trying to be lucid for a long time, but just reading your story give me the chills, I can't wait until it works!

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Re: First Lucid DREAM!!!!

Postby taniaaust1 » 26 Feb 2016 10:49

congrats :D , that was a great first lucid dream.
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