The first nightmare I can remember

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The first nightmare I can remember

Postby Nickfan40 » 07 Feb 2016 20:21

I had this nightmare when I was about 10 years old. It has stayed with me ever since:

I was walking through the house and went to the bathroom, but didn't have to use it. It was in the daytime, because I didn't have to turn on a light. The light was on in there, though.

I looked at myself in the mirror, but instead of seeing just my own reflection, I saw the reflection of someone standing behind me: Vincent Price! He looked like he did in the early 1970's.

It wasn't a bathroom anymore, but a large room. On my left, there were a bunch of people, with ragged, dirty clothes on, standing there laughing at me. When Vincent turned me around to face him, he had a large knife in his hand.

"I'm sorry, but I need your ear." he said, moving towards me with the knife. He begins to saw away at the side of my head. I do not feel pain, but see blood dripping from my ear as he holds it up and from the knife. I could hear his voice so plainly.

The group of people laugh. "Your ear is now destroyed!" he says and laughs in that way he had. I wake up and feel for my left ear and it is there.
My dad " introduced" me to Vincent Price that year, even though my mother didn't want him to; she was afraid that his movies would give me bad dreams! I had heard of him through Michael Jackson's Thriller, The Muppet Show, and Freddy the Freeloader's Christmas dinner. I was having bad nightmares, then, but it was because kids were bullying me at school, not because of what I watched on TV.

Now that I think about it, the bloody scene in the dream was a cross between a film that I would not watch for nearly 30 years, Theater of Blood, and a Mad-TV episode that parodied The Andy Griffith Show. How can that be?!

In it, Vincent Price plays a theater actor who takes nasty (in the literal sense of the word!) revenge on the voting academy who give a coveted award to someone else. He kills one man by cutting out his heart and weighing it on a scale. The ragged people laugh when he does it.

In the Mad TV episode, which was filmed in 2012, Aunt Bee wants to win the pickle contest so badly, she'd do anything, even have her best friend, Mrs. Johnson, arrested on a cocaine charge! Andy beats up poor Otis, handcuffs Floyd to a barber chair, then cuts off his ear with a straight razor; it's later found in a jar of Aunt Bee's pickles. The show disturbed me so much, I never watched it again.

How can dreams do that?

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