Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving Day

Postby Nickfan40 » 07 Feb 2016 20:38

I had this dream several years ago.

I was at my grandmother's house in Cynthiana, KY. She wasn't there because she had died back in 1986. I am helping my mother prepare Thanksgiving dinner for a huge crowd. I am not sure why we are there because we didn't buy the house after she died. We had turkey, chicken, ham, pumpkin and pecan pie, and other goodies.

When they get there, they do not look like the family, but some friends from school, work, and the church we used to go to. I recognize a couple of the people as Penn & Teller. We have to set up a lot of folding tables and chairs to accommodate the people. We are getting ready to watch The Wizard of Oz. I do not know where all these people are going to sit or if we have enough to feed them, but for some reason, it's enough; the food never runs out and there seems to be enough room. The Feeding of the Five Thousand?! :lol:

I can still recognize the house, inside and out, especially the black leather couch, dinner table, and black chest of drawers. She kept those little flavored marshmallows and dinner mints they serve at wedding receptions in it.
I must have been thinking about the times we used to go to my grandmother's house for Thanksgiving. I was a fan of Penn & Teller and Wizard of Oz (still am). We used to fix a lot of food for the churh we used to go to. The reason that the food didn't run out very fast is because they were too busy talking to eat!

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