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Lucid Abilities List

Postby moki » 10 Feb 2016 19:58

Hello fellow lucid dreamers. I'm looking for others to relate with on this path both as teacher and student and peer. I am quite gifted and advanced in the arts of consciousness and would love to share my techniques. I work primarily with various physical and mental practices and substances to help induce lucid dreaming and lucid thinking. Then when lucid dreaming I work with practicing various psychic techniques and then work to try and bring these same techniques into my waking life to help shift consensus reality. I strive to work exclusively for the betterment of all beings and if you would like to work with me then you better be able to hold fast to a path of service as well. :D

Below is a list of some of the things I've been able to achieve or witnessed others do in either waking or sleeping states or both. For now I'll leave which is which up to your imagination. I'd love to hear your list as well. Especially things I haven't thought of trying.

I have documented some of my dreams on - seach for user sunnydragon

Channel love, light, healing energy, bliss, safety, wisdom, excitement; banish/defeat beings; manifest being/object/structure/situation; manipulate/shapeshift/manifest being (animal, human or creature), group of beings, object or elementals (air, water, fire, earth, light, energy); manipulate technological devices, create/evade battles; grow vegetation; flying; gliding; flipping; leaping; levitating; feats of strength/agility/perfect balance; dissolve/shapeshift parts of body; feeling intense energy in body; experience complete infinity; partial infinity (10,000 things); timelessness; egolessness; temporary loss of all memories; absolute bliss; merger into ball of light; river of light energy flowing through body; manifest extreme beauty (vivid, multicolored, hypnotic, kaleidoscopic); manifest music, heavenly music & singing; manipulate sound/music; communicate through sound manipulation; warp time; manifest pictures and video; divination (past, present, future) through observing objects, beings or situations or direct knowing; experience synchronicities of events, telepathy (thought, audial, visual, emotional, experiential); sending additional information/emotions through words; channeling concepts through hand positions(mudras), manifesting words on screen/page/etc; summon simple spirits; communication with seemingly real being, higher/celestial beings, my subconscious mind and source energy (verbally or telepathically); sensing pain in dream; teleportation; travel to other seemingly real realms/celestial realms; travel to dreamtime with group; dissolving of surroundings; opening of circular portal; conscious shifting from waking to dreaming state; change the past and more I'm probably forgetting for now.

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Re: Lucid Abilities List

Postby taniaaust1 » 12 Feb 2016 17:17

Hi :) , Ive done a lot of that too (most things while not in a dream state). Feel welcome to send me a mail on anything you want.

I'm wondering what substances you are using to induce lucid dreaming?
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