I could use some help with what happened in my last dream

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I could use some help with what happened in my last dream

Postby 15ahayes » 16 Feb 2016 18:28

OK so it started lime this, I went on a crazy dream adventure and during this whole thing I end up in a cave looking for some ancient thing with a bunch of islanders. At this point I ask myself if I'm dreaminm. I basically lose my vision but I still perform two reality checks (finger through hand and breathing with closed nose) as I do these I am basically blind but I become lucid still because even though I'm blind I still knew that my finger went through my hand. I start running my hands together saying that the world is vivid but I am still blind and everything is dark. I then "wake up" but its a false awakening and then I wake up for real. So why was I blind and couldn't see anything the moment I started questioning my surroundings? This was my first successful lucid dream BTW :D

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Re: I could use some help with what happened in my last drea

Postby ThePurple » 18 Feb 2016 08:03

Congrats on becoming lucid! Remaining lucid is the second big hurdle for us, and your experience is very common. The excitement of this realization tends to make us lose touch with the dream world if we don't focus on staying calm and engaged.

What you should research now are dream stabilization techniques. Losing vision seems to be a very common first stage, but your other senses may stick with the dream a bit longer. Hearing, smell, touch... check to see what they're experiencing. You were able to feel your hands, so that could be the key to bringing yourself back. Feel your hands in detail, feel your clothes, feel your surroundings, know you're still in the dream, and let that sense bring the scene back into view.

Alternatively, some people find that when it's all gone black, spinning around while repeating "the next scene will be a dream" can bring you to a new (visible!) location.

Above all, calm yourself, and expect that you will stay asleep and lucid. It's all coming from your mind, so (unlike the real world) if you really believe it, it will happen. But also, have patience! This is a complex skill we're honing!

...Oh, and be sure to use your reality checks every time you wake up so you can catch those false awakenings and use them!

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Re: I could use some help with what happened in my last drea

Postby RobertForsythe » 18 Feb 2016 16:52

ThePurple's explanation and advice were pretty good but I would like to add a couple things just for the sake of discussion.

So why was I blind and couldn't see anything the moment I started questioning my surroundings? This was my first successful lucid dream

That was pretty good for a first LD. The blindness is very common and I still suffer this problem every now and then even after hundreds of OBEs/LDs. I attribute it to the fact that the flow of dream illusion has been interrupted but has not been replaced by anything yet. I find that I need to do a couple things at this point.
a. recall my GOAL/objective and begin movement on that intent
b. make exclamations like "Clarity NOW!"
This combo works well for me most of the time.
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Re: I could use some help with what happened in my last drea

Postby 15ahayes » 18 Feb 2016 22:52

Good advice guys! Next time I lucid dream I'll try spinning and saying clarity now

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Re: I could use some help with what happened in my last drea

Postby taniaaust1 » 20 Feb 2016 07:24

Spinning for many will make a person loose a dream.. as when you spin, you cut yourself off of your current dream surroundings and they may be in fact helping hold you in them. Seeing you are blind though, you weren't connected to your dream sight away so you don't have as much senses to loose.

Before trying to spin (spinning is great if a person is in one dream but wants to find oneself somewhere else) I suggest to try to stabilise yourself where you are. you may be able to do this by just trying to get involved in your dream surroundings even if you are blind... eg you could try to do something like the "what's in my pocket" LD challenge.. or just get on the floor/ground and start feeling things there.

Try to distract yourself from thinking about the blindness .and your dream sight should end up coming in. So you can think up ideas of other things you could do if you found yourself blind again eg how many fingers have I got? how many toes have I got? what does my hair feel like? is it my normal hair or do I have a strange hair cut? what are I standing on?

I also often use a dream character to stabilise. If you are in a building, think about someone you are close to being on other side of the door and about to walk into where you are.. what I do then is ask him to touch me (for me my ex boyfriend I was close to works well) and I'll use his touch to help me stabilise into the dream.

So I suggest pick two things to experiement with IF you find yourself blind again (do not just stand there in the dream trying to think of them as that can cause dream loss, so make sure you have well planned before hand what you'd do next time if in this situation).. and then do those things and don't stress at all about being blind. (the more relaxed and into the dream you can get, the faster the blindness should go)

One time when I was blind I grabbed a dream characters baby and started bouncing it on my knee to try to stabilise in the dream (I think I started singing to it too). My sight suddenly come in and to my horror that baby was the ugliest thing imaginable, I was so shocked at what I had on my lap that it shocked me awake :lol:

,also try demanding "clarity now" (you need to believe it).. if these fail then try a risker spin.

as others said blindness is very common and I often get it when I'm doing WILD but moving slower into a dream, for myself its like I'm near stuck between two states of being. Your blindness too probably came about as you may of gained the awareness you did due to becoming a little closer to waking state... so pulled a bit out of the dream state causing vision loss. Thing is one can get start back into the dream with some practice and its a good thing for anyone new to LD to work on (practice at stabilising dreams, it can also help one to learn how to get into LD from a WILD).
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