A good realitycheck?

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A good realitycheck?

Postby ArnoudBerg » 16 Feb 2016 22:47

I've been trying to lucid dream for quite a while now (with little succes), and often lose motivation. Exept now I am willing to try again. But there might be a problem:
I've read that checking the time on your watch and then check it again, is a good realitycheck. Because in a dream the time will be different than the first time you checked it. However, reality checks have to be done inside a dream in order to become lucid. I usually check the time (A.K.A. my digital watch) a lot of times during the day. despite that, I've never dreamt of, or remembered, me checking the time in my dreams. Even with more than 60 dreams in my drream journal, there is not a single dream of me, checking the time/my watch. So my question is: Can I use the this realitycheck, or will it be ineffective because I never dream about it? Or will it maybe work, because then I actually concentrate more on my watch?
I hope if anyone can answer or even know better ways of doing a reality check.
many thanks.

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Re: A good realitycheck?

Postby ThePurple » 17 Feb 2016 07:37

Hmm, interesting. I suspect, despite all this effort, your unconscious mind just doesn't see this act of double-checking the time as important enough to waste precious dream time with. The goal of any check is really to get you to take a moment of focused self awareness, to ask yourself (truly, thoughtfully) whether you're awake or in a dream. If your habit has become thoughtless, that could be why it's not aiding you.

Then again, the watch may just never appear there, so I'd start up a few more checks. There are some good ideas in the reality checks article on the main site, of course.

Rather than forming a brand new habit, though, perhaps there is something you already do or see in dreams that you can transform into a confirmation of status. Have a read through your dream journal in search of recurring themes: locations, characters, interactions... Just being more aware of them can make you realize you're dreaming next time you see them!

Beyond that, though, there may be things that exist in both wakeful and dream realms that you can form new rituals around. Attempting to push your hand through a solid object, for example, could be easy to implement wherever you find yourself. (Presuming you regularly have a body in your dreams!) That one's quite general, though. You may find a great trick, unique to the way your mind works, hiding in your records somewhere. Either way, triggering that mental question, "is this a dream," is key.

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Re: A good realitycheck?

Postby taniaaust1 » 26 Feb 2016 10:31

Even with more than 60 dreams in my drream journal, there is not a single dream of me, checking the time/my watch.

checking your watch "could" go against some symbolism that your subconsciousness would rather express.. another reason why its better to do more then one reality check

eg in my case flying goes against what my subconciousness wants to express in symbolism eg flying represents freedom, life going well, being carefree etc and my life just isnt going all that way, hence its against the universal symbolism of "flying" .. so if I tried to reality check using "can I fly?" it would fail (as I dont usually fly in dreams/even lucids). So what Im trying to say here is that it is possible to have a block against a reality check.

So my question is: Can I use the this realitycheck, or will it be ineffective because I never dream about it?

Even if not in dreams, reality check stuff can be programmed into a dream if ones subconsciousness isnt against it.

I suggest though that if you have been trying this for a while without luck, it is time to change. I suggest to use one of your dream signs as a signal to reality check .. eg pick something which is commonly in your dreams which you can reality check at in some way rather then just relying on trying to randomly do checks in your dreams. eg I used to have a lot of 'going to the toilet" in my dreams, so that was an ideal time in real life to do a reality check of some kind.

as I said before.. do more then one kind of check in case one fails or it just isnt right for you.

Another thing, checking ones watch is a fairly boring kind of thing.. maybe you'd have more luck with something like pushing a thumb through your hand.
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