Question on dream journaling!

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Question on dream journaling!

Postby Wildboar » 17 Feb 2016 16:46

I usually remember my dreams pretty well, and during one single night, I may have to up to four different dream story lines that I can then jot down on paper. But this is really becoming a time-consuming task, because I feel like I need to give it all the detail I can recall. And with so many dreams, that can and have taken me over an hour and span a dozen A-4' papers.

I have time to spare for it, so that's not the problem. But if it takes me an hour to recollect and write down the first three dreams, I will have almost forgotten about the fourth one by the time I get to it!

So my question is; how much do you feel is necessary to write down, in order to remember the dream and all its little details? How do you prioritize what is important and what is less so, and still have all the detail you need in order to remember the dream well when you look back at it at some later point?

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Re: Question on dream journaling!

Postby ThePurple » 17 Feb 2016 22:43

Firstly, the issue of forgetting the last dream by the time you get to writing it could be helped by adopting a more outline-style approach. Nothing formal, unless you feel you need it, just taking a moment before you get into details to jot down a few keywords for each. For example, this morning, after a dream with five distinct segments, I wrote:

Poly just not working out u never copy on email and are barely tolerable
Other pppl visited but not you guys
Bloody draggy shovel save for night break glass on the ppls necks
Gates at bottom of stairs to house not chicken chicken nuggets
Books on wolverinism

A key phrase here, a jumble of nouns there... it may not mean much to me a year from now, but it's plenty to help jog my memory of the rest of the scene when filling in the gaps an hour later.

Beyond that, how much detail you "need" to fill in really depends on what you intend to gain from the process. Some write simply because it increases their retention of future dreams, though this doesn't seem to be the case for you. Are you trying to gain deeper insight into what your mind expreses to you in your dreams? Are you trying to form a record for future comparison of dream elements? Do you just want to be able to think back on it the same way you do a memory from waking life?

For many of these, you might not need to record the level of detail as it sounds like you currently are. The goal would be mainly to move a memory from the temporary storage that dreams usually go into, to the long term storage your waking experiences are usually saved in. As long as when you're writing it, you're playing it out again and seeing the details, they should come back to you during future reads. Same way you can mentally replay... I dunno... a weird dance move someone did, just by its mention. If you give something conscious attention, it's generally stored pretty clearly without having had to describe which arm moved at what angle with fingers in what positions... Does that make sense?

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Re: Question on dream journaling!

Postby RobertForsythe » 17 Feb 2016 22:44

I have gotten to where I usually write down one or two sentences per dream. If I sense that there is a good reason I may write a paragraph or two.

I can open a journal from 40 years ago and read one line of a dream and the entire dream unfolds as fresh as the morning I first wrote it down.
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