Intensely Vivid Dreams after Cleansing?

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Intensely Vivid Dreams after Cleansing?

Postby QuantumT » 18 Feb 2016 21:32

Hi Everyone,

So I'm no newbie to lucid dreaming, although I am just finding out how many people are into it. RIGHT ON!

I have been keeping a dream journal off and on for the past five years or so, but I just recently got into cleansing and fasting as part of some lifestyle changes. Let me tell you, this has really turned up the voltage on my dreaming and other non physical realms. Just fasting alone makes me think way more clear and lets the body devote all of the energy it usually uses up digesting food and applies it to regenerating and really boosts my brain bandwidth (for lack of a proper term).

Anyone else notice this in their experience?

I've done cleanses before, but they were really not doing anything for me that I could notice. Like those ones that just make you shit your brains out for a couple of days and then you feel like you've punished yourself enough to pat yourself on the back. But a friend recently turned me on to these high quality kits that he has been using. Let me tell you, I'll never waste my time on a cheap-o cleanse again after knowing what I know now.

Cleansing the body is like changing the oil in your vehicle. If you do it properly you clear out your filters plaque and sediment and you really notice vivid changes in your waking and dream life. After a full body cleanse you literally see clearer, hear sharper, smell and taste more delicately. It was almost like I was in a semi magic mushroom state after I was all cleaned out. I'm not sure if the feeling has faded, or if I just got used to that being the new normal. Going to sleep, it's like my dreams have been uber vivid to where they almost seem more "real" than my waking life. Staying in the zone after becoming lucid has been tough because I am getting too amazed by the super HD in the dreams.

Anybody else notice this after a real cleanse?

Anyway here's the link to where we get our cleanses since I don't trust the others anymore.

You'll thank me later. The site that offers them is actually really cool if you look around. It's like a facebook for people who are off the beaten path.

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Re: Intensely Vivid Dreams after Cleansing?

Postby RobertForsythe » 18 Feb 2016 22:04

Anyone else notice this in their experience?

Yes. I concur.
Anybody else notice this after a real cleanse?

For beginners who are having trouble with getting LDs or even just remembering dreams it can be very helpful to clean up the diet and fast one day a week on maybe a couple pieces of fruit and a little herb tea.

Back when I was younger I did the Master Cleanser for a week and I was not even trying to get LD's or OBE but I would spontaneously wake up outside my body in the middle of the night.
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