My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

Postby Dipak » 19 Feb 2016 06:20

Chapter 22


101). 8th March, 1976. Early morning dream : I had reached a distant past ages—a period of Buddhists, with Buddhist caves and temples. I was roaming here and there aimlessly.

The scene changed—now I was sitting with Mr. Bhabani Bandyopadhaya, a companion of Jibankrishna in a room. He was asking me, ‘well, do you weep in a dream’? I answered, ‘I have a special stage in a dream—that is a condition of samadhi’.As soon as I uttered this, instantly I fell into ‘Samadhi - a condition of fully Godhood with a divine joy. After returning from this condition I wanted to say the same thing and again I fell into the same condition. At last being in a normal condition, I said, ‘yes, I shed tears but that is completely different—that is the shedding of tears of love’.

The scene again changed—now I was approaching to my previous agricultural school at Vidyanagar of 24-Parganas (South) via Diamond Harbor Road by Bus. There I saw Mr. Indranath Mukherjee, a companion of Jibankrishna in my previous quarter where I used to stay long time back for my research work on Horticulture. It seemed to me as if Mr. Mukherjee had been staying there since time before. He was seen cooking something. I took chapattis from him and ate.

After a while I was roaming here and there and went on thinking—oh! Jibankrishna had spent some days here and Mr. Mukherjee also enjoyed with him! It would have been a great pleasure to me had I accompany him here!

Again the scene changed—I was now present at Mr. Mukherjee’s house at Makardah, Howrah. There I met many of my relatives who had recently come to the house . Suddenly I noticed that Jibankrishna had come there as if he would spend days with me . A feeling was also persisting within my mind, as if Jibankrishna had come back to stay with me after his demise. I became overwhelmed with joy and was intending not to leave him. Jibankrishna was seated near me along with my father. After some time Jibankrishna had gone somewhere for a work and I noticed that my father was seated with meditation.

After Jibankrishna came back he went on discussing with me on many spiritual topics. By the way he suddenly told the seer, ‘see, before I leave my previous physical body, you flashed in my mind’. With great surprise I asked him, ‘How is it possible? For so many years I am off from you (From 1962 onwards till his demise), and how you can remember me! Besides, there is a similar incident when for when for months Dilip (Mr. Dilip Mitra, a devotee) could not come to you and when he came to you, you couldn’t remember him’. With a smiling face he answered—‘No, No, it is not like that’.

Then I asked him, ‘well, now you are appearing before us in dream after your demise, can it be possible in future that you would appear before us in physical body as because this strange phenomenon never happened before in the spiritual world’! He answered—‘Yes it is possible’.

After a while, he gave me an enamel cup saying, ‘Give me water in this cup.
I went outside with the cup and noticed that it was dirty. I took another glass, washed it thoroughly and filled with water, entered the room and handed it over to Jibankrishna with a posture of kneel-down . He, with his hands shivering just like he used to take water in his life-time. I wanted to take it from his hand, but he told, ‘No, I myself is going’. But when he came out again I told him to hand over the glass to me. Then he handed it over to me.

Jibankrishna then entered the room along with me. Then I observed that Jibankrishna was playing cards with my father and uncles, but in an unconcerned manner . After a while I sat with his mouth shut. Meanwhile somebody entered the room. He began talking to Sri Jibankrishna, but when he became a bit rough during talking I became furious and told the gentleman, ‘what he did, it is right’. When he gentleman turned his head to see who made these comments, I angrily said, ‘I have told it, who else would say’!

After a while Jibankrishna gave me a dose of hoemeopathic globules saying, ‘Tell your mother to take this medicine’. Meanwhile my mother entered the room and Jibankrishna told her, ‘Mother, I have given you this medicine, take it into your mouth’.

After this I had a long accompaniment with Jibankrishna though nothing could be remembered after the dream went off.

[Throughout the day it seemed to me as if I had a long accompaniment with the Holy Ghost in flesh and blood, the dream was so realistic!

The dream indicated many aspects:
(a) The seer had an experience of Samadhi in the causal body;
(b) The Holy Ghost gave the seer a long accompaniment removing all his grievances;
(c) He showered his blessings upon the relatives of the seer through him ;
(d) The Holy Ghost is forecasting and confirming that in future the human race will see him in flesh and blood.

In recent years remarkable changes are observed in my mind —whenever I say something on Jibankrishna, his existence is felt within the body, as if he is talking, not I. This seems to be the after effect of numerous dreams happening within my body.

Many incidences are happening after a long time where people are meeting him in flesh and blood body.]

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