Reading and Writing

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Reading and Writing

Postby DreamWriter » 19 Feb 2016 15:30

Hi, I have been experiencing this reading and writing in dreams for at least 10 years. Sometimes I write things that my conscious mind would never have imagined. Too creative. I have often wished that I had a pen and paper so that on wakening, while the images are fresh, I could write down what I wrote in the dream. These are clearly the ideas of another more imaginative and and worldly than I. I have never done that. Sometimes and wake and actually get up to use the bathroom, and if I try real hard, I can go back to what I (or someone) was writing.

I also read in dreams. In fact, I read far more often than I write. The text appears on the inside of my eyelids. It appears one line at a time much like reading a newspaper column. My eyelid is a small frame, and so I cannot see entire pages or articles, but only one sentence at a time. It would be easier to think that I am dreaming up what I am reading or writing, but there are thoughts and ideas that I would never think,in my waking hours. There are words that are not in my vocabulary. Indeed, words that I have to view one syllable at a time in the narrow framework of the inside of my eyelid. These are thoughts and ideas that I do not recall reading, and would never have created in my conscious mind.

I have to know if this happens to anyone else.

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