Hello and my first false awakening..

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Hello and my first false awakening..

Postby lalix89 » 23 Feb 2016 07:20

Hello everyone :-)

I joined this morning as I recently watched a documentary on lucid dreaming and I had an experience last night that I think I remember was a good sign from the documentary.

I have been interested in lucid dreaming since I was a child and I have a very vague memory of acheiving it once where I chose to fly, (like I understand alot of people do lol) but nothing since and have not really tried any more.

Since watching this documentary I have been trying the technique of checking if I am awake by trying to push my finger through my palm and stretching my finger. To be honest I keep forgetting a lot during the daytime and haven't been keeping up with the checks at all really but I have noticed I have been having A LOT more dreams recently. (I'm not sure if this is related or just coincidence)

Anyway last night I had what I beleive to be a false awakening, I was also aware that it didn't seem quite right and even attempted to wake myself up properly. My clock is out of sync due to the electricity cutting out yesterday but before I went to bed I didn't bother resetting it, just checked what the out of sync time should be around 5/6 am so I know when to get up.

In my dream I woke up at the very start of sunrise, still dark but could see the light colour in the sky. At this time I didn't attempt to wake myself, I just assumed I had got my real time/out of synce clock maths wrong and got out of bed to check. When I realised the time was correct I noticed a light out of my back door and it was some kind of low flying helicopter which disappeared quite quickly, I assumed it was that making it look like the start of sunrise and went back to bed. (maybe should've figured it out there lol)

I then had a second awakening, this time it was full blown daylight and I knew something was up, I knew I was in a dream and tried to snap myself out of it. That bit was quite vague and I don't remember what I did but I know I tried a few times to wake myself up properly. After that I guess I must've just assumed I had woken myself up because it wen't in to a very long vivid dream starting in my flat which looked just how it looks now then continuing outside which didn't look so familiar. (I won't bore you with the details)

I guess the simple question is, is this a good sign?
Is there anything I can do to help me enter a lucid if this happens again?

Just looking for advice and opinions based on experience really.

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Re: Hello and my first false awakening..

Postby ThePurple » 24 Feb 2016 00:59

Yes, it's a good sign!

If you keep up with reality checks, and especially remember to do them when you wake up, you'll catch yourself in false awakenings more and, with practice, be able to turn those into fully fledged lucid dreams. (...a have the presence of mind to use the opportunity, rather than trying to wake yourself up properly over and over... What fun is that?)

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