back in school, seeing Leonard Nimoy/Spock?

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back in school, seeing Leonard Nimoy/Spock?

Postby Nickfan40 » 24 Feb 2016 04:00

I had this one just last night. I ate cheddar cheese, chocolate, and drank orange juice about an hour before bed.

The classroom was a cross between the 6th grade classroom I had in elementary school and my 8th grade history classroom in junior high school. Even though the lights are off I could recognize the accordion-like partition that divided the rooms and the pictures on the wall.

There is an "old style" television set on a stand at the front of the room. We are watching an episode of Newhart, but it's not one I recognize, and the lights are off.

I am lying on someone's lap, and they are stroking my hair. I look up to see that it is one of my classmates, but he doesn't look the way he did nearly 30 years ago; he is very handsome, and in those days, he looked like a nerd! I know that he is married with two adopted children, but I don't care, I like having my hair stroked.

At the other side of the room, standing under a calendar on a wall with red crimped paper around it, there are some girls tending to Spock, (who is sitting down) who has either cut the side of his head on something or someone has hurt him; they are holding a white towel to his head, trying to stop the blood. From where I'm sitting, the blood looks red, not green, so the man is Leonard Nimoy, looking just the way he did on the original trek show. He is wearing the black and white outfit he wore when he sang, "The Legend of Bilbo Baggins". Hilarious! :lol:

I am not sure who he is supposed to be in this dream, teacher or student? Even though there is not a clock in the room, I sense that it is almost time to leave the class, either to go home or to another class, I can't tell. The P.A. system comes on, but instead of the dismissal/class change bell, a girl comes on singing the Bobby Darin song, Sing a simple song of freedom. Some of the kids and I look out the door and see people dancing down the hallway to the tune. Weird!

I am not sure

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