Ugh, Dreamviews... I'm so done

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Harry Potter
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Ugh, Dreamviews... I'm so done

Postby Harry Potter » 27 Feb 2016 09:21

It's good to be back. This is the first LD forum I was ever remotely involved with; I know I'm not the most active person here in the world, but this is more or less home base. I haven't been around so much as of late-- I went to explore other places. I gradually drifted to r/luciddreaming, and then moved over to Dreamviews.

I was really enjoying DV. I lurked for a while, and then made an account. It was pretty good- people were nice, threads were mostly interesting, etc. All good things. But that first account I created there, I created it and immediately left, as I had other things to do. By the time I came back to it, a few days later, I couldn't remember the password. SO I spent a day trying to remember, and eventually reluctantly decided to make a new account.

Turns out that's a big no-no. A moderator contacted me, and said I would get four 'infraction points' for doing that, and that I had to go back to my old account. At this point, it had been a few days; I had likes, comments, posts, etc. on this new account, and I didn't even know the password to the old one. I just asked why I couldn't just stay using the newer account; not for malicious reasons or anything. I also asked why creating an alternate account WITHOUT knowing it was bad was so bad. I wasn't spamming, I was being productive. And you know what they did? They banned me, temporarily at least. I had the rule quoted at me a hundred times by the mod that contacted me: "you cannot create an alternate account." But the only answer I got when asking what the particular problem was was that 'its the rule, see, look here, the rule says...' The least they could have done is said 'look, so we don't really have a problem with it, but it's better for everyone if you could just switch to the old account. Nothing personal.' But no, they had to be jerky, and almost totalitarian.

Dang. I'm just kind of peeved; needed somewhere to rant. I mean, their loss: I was just being productive and furthering conversations, but at this point, I have no plans on going back. So ya. Thanks, I guess, for being not DV. I'll probably be around here substantially more than I was. At this point, I fell like I'm moving towards the answering questions versus asking them side of things, so hopefully I can be of use. I'll try not to screw things up for myself here as well :D

Anyone have any thoughts on this whole thing?
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Enra Traz
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Re: Ugh, Dreamviews... I'm so done

Postby Enra Traz » 27 Feb 2016 23:24

Yeah. Dream Views is a totalitarian regime and the mid is Stalin. In here you get freedom. I created an alternative account for a prank that was approved by the mod where I pretended to be a time traveller. I still asked for permission but still. The mod here is nice. :-D

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