Hi, I'm new to lucid dreaming!

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Hi, I'm new to lucid dreaming!

Postby Kate » 29 Feb 2016 17:38

Hey guys, I'm new to lucid dreaming. I discovered this website when I was simply browsing the web. I love to write and read, and I thought that lucid dreaming sounded pretty cool (since I'm basically stuck in my own imagination all the time) lucid dreaming sounded AMAZING! I already keep a dream journal (although I sometimes forget my dreams anyway) and I've learned how to meditate. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep still long enough when meditating? Or the most efficient way of doing reality checks, is it just "Am I awake or dreaming"? Can it take years to have your first lucid dream? Sorry for all the questions.


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Re: Hi, I'm new to lucid dreaming!

Postby ThePurple » 29 Feb 2016 22:19

For meditation, a still mind is the more important part, so if you've got a really intense itch, trying to force yourself to ignore it is probably counterproductive, better to scratch and move on. Save mastering the itch for your future expert meditator self. If it's a matter of fidgeting, do the same as you do for distracting thoughts, observe passively, recognize and release. Have patience, know it takes time to let go of the busyness your mind is used to.

Dreams have a way of seeming completely reasonable at the time, no matter how ridiculous they are on morning retrospect, so simply asking "is this a dream?" can result in a lot of false "of course not!" responses if you're not doing it with genuine suspicion that it IS a dream. Your reality checks should always include the expectation that it is a dream, and preferably a specific test in which you expect a result that could only be possible in the dream world. Popular choices are plugging your nose and expecting to breathe normally, and pushing your fingers against your other hand and expecting them to go through.

If it takes someone years to have a lucid dream, either they're not really trying, or they're trying way too hard. If you have strong motivation to make it happen, and work intelligently with just a few proven techniques at a time, you'll have results pretty quickly. Of course, once you can become lucid, there's the matter of learning to stabilize and use the state to its fullest potential, which does takes time to perfect. But, once I put my mind to it, I had my first lucid dream on the third night.

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