Flying in Lucid dreams

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Flying in Lucid dreams

Postby LU3K » 04 Mar 2016 01:25

Hey guys my names Luke I'm 17 and just wondering about others with having trouble flying in your dreams, I don't know why people struggle to do it. I have had about 30 lucid dreams now stopped keeping count, too much effort but since my 2nd lucid dream when i tried flying i got it 1st go so i don't know if i was just lucky at getting it 1st go but it is so easy, i do it every lucid dream i have really, so what im really trying to say is for the people that can't seem to get it, this is how i managed to do it my 1st time.

1. I only have 1 technique which worked for me which is:

When you run and jump to fly shoot your arms up in front of you like superman to give you the momentum of you're going to fly, one big thing is when you're going to do this you need to believe that you will fly otherwise you might struggle jumping off the ground.
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Re: Flying in Lucid dreams

Postby RobertForsythe » 06 Mar 2016 03:14

I fly in my dreams almost constantly, day after day, week after week, month after month.

Then something happens in my waking life and I stop flying so much. I am in a light aircraft and the controls are not responding properly.
Either I deal with it well or I don't.

I find that it helps to; Keep a journal and ask for Guidance.
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Re: Flying in Lucid dreams

Postby HAGART » 07 Mar 2016 21:58

I have struggled with flying in lucid dreams all my life. (About 4 years of lucid dreaming life)

I think it is a personality issue, and I like to keep my feet on the ground, and not float away.

If I try, I always fall back. I don't see a problem with it and perhaps I have other powers in dreams because of that "grounded" mindset.
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