Bread crumbs and changing a diaper

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Bread crumbs and changing a diaper

Postby val28 » 09 Mar 2016 08:34

In my dream I was in like a hall and there were mattresses laid out around the walls of the room, an elderly lady was sitting on one of the mattress with her back against the wall (there were others in the room sitting on mattresses but I was only focused on the elderly woman), anyway as I walked into the room the elderly woman smiled at me, I smiled back and walked toward her (I felt a lot of love and passion for this woman like she was my grandmother or and aging aunty of mine....both of whom I love and respect dearly), there was a baby laying at her feet on the same mattress. The elderly woman indicated for me to sit on the mattress next to her and as I approached I noted there were crumbs on the bed, rather big crumbs like the size of small nuggets, I didn't want to sit on the mattress because I didn't want to sit on the crumbs (uncomfortable and yucky feeling), however I didn't want to be rude or disrespectful either so in my head I was trying to think of a way I could be discreet in sweeping the crumbs to the side without being noticed. But instead I placed myself on the mattress in a position so that I wasn't sitting on the crumbs, but facing the elderly woman in a respectful manner.

The baby that was laying on the mattress looked content and happy, I reached over to play with her, she was smiling and happy. I'm not sure if it was a suggestion or a thought but I checked the babies diaper to see if she needed changing, the babies diaper was wet, I was given another diaper to put on the baby, as I was putting it on I noted it was also wet. I hesitated and thought to ask for another one but decided to just put the diaper on anyway because it wasn't too wet. And for some reason I thought if I asked for another diaper was being disrespectful or fussy or judgmental. I picked up the baby after changing her and took her outside for a walk, there was a show or concert or some sought of gathering happening outside and the atmosphere was happy and exciting. I sat on some steps or bleachers with the baby and a young girl appeared with a baby and I was excited to see the baby, I bent over the baby and said to her "there you are, where have you been" the baby was actually the twin sister to the baby I was holding in my arms.

The twin babies felt related to me, the elderly lady whom I felt was my grandmother, has twin sisters in real life whom she was really close too, all 3 have passed on to greener pastures now. The babies were not new born but more 10 months to 14 months of age. It felt like those around me were related in some way.

Can anyone please explain the meaning of babies in a dream, in particular twins, is the age group of the baby or the state of the baby etc happy or crying of significance? I seem to be having a lot of dreams about babies lately, in every dream the baby or babies are happy or smiling. I can't help but think there's a message in my dreams and my grandmother somehow seems to appear or have a presence, she doesn't speak but she smiles and radiates love.

Do crumbs in a dream have a meaning as I seemed to be really focused on the crumbs in this dream?

Also in all my dreams I experience an overwhelming sense of excitement joy and love, that's got to be a good thing right? regardless of the nature of the dream.

Thank you in advance, your interpretations and thoughts would be much appreciated.

Love and light to all.

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