Cool nature themed dream

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Cool nature themed dream

Postby Samwise » 09 Mar 2016 16:28

I had an interesting and vivid dream/LD recently. It was partly fuelled by a WBTB, having gotten up to go to the toilet and have a drink of water. In the dream I was in a city, it was dingy, grimy and overcrowded and very densely populated, because space was so lacking everyone was living in very tall buildings. I felt disconnected there and sought out what fragments of nature remained. I found this really large tree with tree houses in and noticed when I was there, I felt a bit better. I climbed higher and higher in this tree, and seemed to come upon a new place above the city, still an urbanised environment, but less dingy, less manipulated, brighter with more nature and I felt better there.

At some point I found myself floating very high in the sky, looking down at this realm, and it was vast, like a county, or a country. There were many many layers or realms all stacked on top of another, and the higher the realm, the purer its essence, and the more natural and appealing it seemed, and the upper realms were incredibly fantastical and wondrous in their natural beauty, and suddenly I was overcome with a deep sense of awe.

As I was hit by this sense of awe, I was hit at the same by a sudden sense of powerful familiarity, like I somehow knew this place, and I'd seen it before. At that moment I became profoundly lucid, and then the dream imploded into blackness, and I woke up.

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