Loud bang and strange noises

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Loud bang and strange noises

Postby DannyUK » 16 Mar 2016 13:07

Hi, i've been having strange noises for awhile now which don't happen every day or every week but when they do it is quite scary. The noises seem to happen when I'm asleep and they wake me up, the first noise I ever heard was like a whooshing sound and I immediately woke up, the other sounds was hearing like whispers in my ear or voice and then I woke up again. I had a new sound last night which was a loud bang, explosion like and when I immediately woke up I jumped out of bed looked out of the window because I really thought something had exploded. I know this makes me sound mad but I am really hearing these things which wake me up. I came here for answers wanting to know if people hear the same things? I don't know alot about lucid dreaming but these things keep happening and I don't know what they are.

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Re: Loud bang and strange noises

Postby LucidCamostar34 » 18 Mar 2016 11:44

It could be sleep paralysis. Or maybe you could be getting not enough sleep.

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Re: Loud bang and strange noises

Postby seanE » 18 Mar 2016 19:26

Yes, you could just have a dose of madness, or it could be sleep paralysis as danny said, Don't worry about it, your brain will never be smart enough to figure out how or why it dose the things it dose. ;)

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Re: Loud bang and strange noises

Postby Skippy23000 » 29 Mar 2016 22:09

Yes, I have had that too. Sometimes I am just about to fall asleep and there is the sound of someone smacking by bedroom door really hard. I've gotten up and of course no one was there. Now I just ignore it. I know it is just an artifact of the falling asleep experience. Since I've ignored it and no longer give it any credence, it has stopped.

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Re: Loud bang and strange noises

Postby RobertForsythe » 01 Apr 2016 05:32

Loud banging noises are very common as one is in the "in between" state. It can be anything from a quiet little snapping noise to a canon blast. You are very close to getting OBE or entering a Lucid Dream at this point.

Maybe you could do some reading on the subject here. This is very elementary introductory type info.
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