Creepy Kids

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Creepy Kids

Postby MistahJay » 21 Mar 2016 21:56

I had a weird one last night, with very mild lucidity. I was almost able to control the very end of my dream. I had full control of myself for about 12 seconds.

So in my dream, I'd just gotten out of the store in my town. It was night time and I was driving my car up the back roads to my house, like I did in waking life. Along the way, I saw a man and some kids walking, looking like they were going to turn the corner, perpendicular to the road I was driving on. But they were walking in the street, not on the side. I was pretty annoyed, being that I had to wait for them to move enough to where I could drive around them. The guy was walking several paces ahead of the three kids, and gave me a dirty look when I drove by.

I got home, but my house was not the one I actually live in. My house was now my grandma's house (I spent a lot of time there as a kid). I went inside like it was no big deal and sat at the table, reading something on my phone, not sure where my wife and kids were. There was a knock at the door and I figured it was the guy that I passed on the road, coming over to chew me out for passing by too close to his kids. When I opened it, there was a little boy standing at the porch. I couldn't see him very well being that the light was not on, but he looked young, about my son's age, so I thought it was one of his friends. I started to ask the kid if he was here for my son, but he just walked into the house without saying anything. "Okay then" I thought and went back to sitting down. The kid just stood there looking at me, and I was like, "Kid, do your parents know that you're at my house this late?" He just said, "No" quietly.

The kid was wearing all black. Dark jeans, some kind of emo band shirt, and he had dark hair. His eyes had bags under them and I tried to just ignore how weird he was being, just standing there. I just told myself, "He looks like he's 8, I can take him if he acts up."

But he just kept standing there, and I looked at a story on my phone. The story was about three visitors going to a person's house. The story said that the first visitor will be wearing black, the second visitor will be wearing white, and the third visitor will be wearing grey. The end of the story said that the person at home is supposed to send the visitor in black away and NOT LET THEM IN THE HOUSE.

I looked up at the kid, still standing there. I thought back and remembered passing those kids in the street. One of them was the kid in my living room. The other was a little girl in a white dress with albino white hair tucked under a big easter hat. The last kid was dirty looking, wearing all greyish clothes, looking like one of those potato famine Irish kids from the documentaries that were used to work in coal mines.

I looked up again at the kid and this time he was a few steps closer to me. I said out loud, "Hell no, kid. Get the f*** out of my house!" And I jumped up, grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and literally threw him out on the porch. I slammed the door and locked it and just sat quietly in my house and kept listening to little knocks on the front door until I woke up.

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Re: Creepy Kids

Postby Haradaska » 23 Mar 2016 05:43

That's an interesting dream. The end was funny haha
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