Waking up during sleep paralysis

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Waking up during sleep paralysis

Postby FutureMedStu » 22 Mar 2016 17:10

So, I've read a lot that waking up in sleep paralysis (or inducing it yourself) is a good way to enter straight into a LD. I was wondering, if I were to set my phone to wake me many times during the night, would that increase my odds of waking during a sleep paralysis episode, or would it just screw up my REM cycles? Because I've woken up straight from dreams before and not been in sleep paralysis (which I'm still confused by, because as I understand it, the entire point of SP is to keep us from physically acting out dreams). Sorry if this doesn't make much sense, I thought of it literally two minutes after I woke up this morning. :D

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Re: Waking up during sleep paralysis

Postby HAGART » 05 Apr 2016 09:51

I must dispel the notion that sleep paralysis is the only gateway to a lucid dream.
I hear it so many times, and don't know who is spreading this rumor, and I want others reading to know that it's not true. I heard this myth so many times and people are misinformed.

There's an element of truth. It can become a lucid dream from that phase state of mind, but it's certainly not a necessary prerequisite to a lucid dream.

With that said, waking up constantly during the night will certainly boost your dream recall if you write everything down, and I encourage you to experiment with that. You might even become lucid due to the fact that you keep waking up your mind and going back to sleep. I can attest to that and it works.

It will certainly mess up your REM cycle but who needs those anyway. Messing around with our circadian rhythm really does work, and then you can get back to a normal one later.
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Re: Waking up during sleep paralysis

Postby Skippy23000 » 09 Apr 2016 12:49

Look for Sleep Paralysis: A Guide to Hypnagogic Visions and Visitors of the Night.
One of his suggestions for changing sleep paralysis into a lucid dream is to relax and imagine you
are flying over an ocean or some peaceful scene. If you put enough energy into this you can find yourself Lucid Dreaming. His book may be of use to you.
Good luck.

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Re: Waking up during sleep paralysis

Postby Pilgrim » 15 Apr 2016 08:16

I agree with Haggart that sleep paralysis is not necessary as a tool for lucid dreaming. I have never experienced sleep paralysis. I have tried a few times to get to paralysis but was never successful. I have never kept a dream journal or attempted to improve dream recall, by the way. I have had quite a few lucid dreams. People vary a lot from the popular talk.

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Re: Waking up during sleep paralysis

Postby Skippy23000 » 15 Apr 2016 23:39

"I agree with Haggart that sleep paralysis is not necessary as a tool for lucid dreaming."
that's right. It's not necessary but that doesn't mean' that if and when it happens one can't change it
into a lucid dream. If your given a lemon make a lemon aid. (:-)

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Re: Waking up during sleep paralysis

Postby taniaaust1 » 16 Apr 2016 23:10

SP is just a possible consequence of all this and some never experience it. The more you think about it though, the more likely you will find yourself experiencing it as with dreaming and LD, we often then create dreams of the things you think about and if you think SP will happen, it is likely to.

Just ignore the whole SP thing and just focus on doing LD if that is what you want to do.
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