crazy star trek dream/grocery store

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crazy star trek dream/grocery store

Postby Nickfan40 » 25 Mar 2016 03:14

I was listening to my relaxation CD, ate chocolate and cheese, drank cold water, watched Catlow, with Leonard Nimoy, Yul Brenner, and Richard Crenna in it (Yes, I thought Leonard Nimoy was sexy in that!), and listened to my alpha/theta cd before bed. I had this dream last night.

I was on the internet, looking for some fan tributes about Leonard Nimoy. I came upon something that he wrote about how he liked being in the 1984 Bangles music video, "Going down to Liverpool", but it was like I couldn't understand some of the words or that they were misspelled. I thought, "I'll have to look it up when I wake up in the morning."

My mother and I were shopping at the local Kroger store, but it looked like it did before it was remodeled in March 2015. We were waiting for someone to take us home, but no one does. It starts to rain, and we have to go inside.

For some reason, I am lying in the parking lot, on my back, and a fat lady comes and lies down on me as if I were a bed (she lies on her back). I feel the weight, but I can still move and turn over. I am reading a tabloid magazine article about Spock having an advice column. The dream ends before my mother and I can get a ride home.

I see Amanda and Sarek, Spock's parents, sitting at their kitchen table, talking. She says that she is worried about Spock, who is 10 years old. Then she said it was human to worry, and apologizes to Sarek for it.

She later goes in to where little pock is sleeping. He has kicked the covers off the bed and she replaces them, kissing him on the forehead. I wake up.
I did try to look up an article, but I found this on in an article called, 12 Weird and awkward 80s MTV Videos We Swore We Hallucinated. Leonard Nimoy appeared in the video as a favor to his son, Adam; he'd been a college friend of Susanna Hoffs.

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